War is not the solution: Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Paulose II


War is not the solution for problems in state affairs of nations & International arguments and peace should be reinstated through discussions for peace, said The Catholicos H. H. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II. It is urgently needed that the U. N. investigates truthfully and impartially about who is responsible for killing the innocent citizens in Syria using chemical weapons. America should also avoid single handedly taking a decision to interfere and attack into the state affairs of Syria by ignoring the opinions of majority of the nations including India.

The Catholicos also instructed that the U. N. O. and the World Council of Churches should cooperate and work together in solving the situations; including the current situation of Antioch and Alexandria, two ancient Christian cultural centers being destroyed which should not be allowed and also the International community should put pressure to make ways righteously for negotiating and freeing the Bishops of the Syrian Orthodox Church Gregorios Yuhanna Ibrahim and the Greek Orthodox Church Boulos Yazigi who were abducted by rebels in April. The Catholicos also declared at London after meeting Pope Francis at Rome that everyone should pray specially and wholeheartedly for peace to be re-established in disturbed regions such as Egypt and Syria where riots are taking place.