Vocal Symphonic Concert Dedicated to the Brancovean Saints


The events organised by the Romanian Patriarchate and the Archdiocese of Bucharest on the occasion of the commemoration of 300 years since the martyrdom of the Brancovean Saints ended Sunday evening at the Romanian Atheneum with a vocal-symphonic concert.

The speech of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel addressed to the organisers and participants when opening the show was entitled: “The Light that changes the bloody offering into spiritual victory”. We render a fragment below: “The three centuries passed since the sacrifice of the Brancovean Saints Martyrs taught us that the light of their sacrificial faith must be understood with gratitude, as a gift of God for the Romanian nation. A Christian ruling prince who gives his life for the faith and dignity of his people is a martyr who enlightens the history of the people he represents. The Saint Martyr Constantine Brancoveanu continues in heaven too his prayer for the people he led with faith and dignity during the years of his reign. The Brancovean spiritual, cultural and patriotic legacy is a light in history, while the heavenly crown of the Brancovean Saints Martyrs is a light in eternity. It is from this light which changes the bloody offer into spiritual victory that we feed our mind and heart in order to spiritually grow in the kindness of the heart and gratitude for the saints and heroes of the Romanian nation”.

His Beatitude awarded several orders and diplomas to those who supported the organisation of the event. Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest, actor Dorel Visan, conductor Daniel Jinga, and Rev Archdeacon Mihail Buca were awarded the Order of the “Brancovean Saints Martyrs”. “Maria Brancoveanu” Order was awarded to soprano Ana Cebotari. At the same time, Traian Radu Negrei, Director of the Administration of the Touristic Monuments and Patrimony, Andrei Dumitriu, general director of the Romanian Atheneum and Nicolae Licaret, artistic deputy director of the institution were awarded the Homage Diploma of the “Brancovean Saints Martyrs”.

Then, “Tronos” psalmic group of the Romanian Patriarchate, “Accoustic” chorus and the Metropolitan Orchestra of Bucharest brought their “Homage to the Brancovean Saints Martyrs”.

To start with the vocal-symphic concert in the foyer of the Romanian Atheneum, the participants visited the “View Power” exhibition of Elena Murariu. On this occasion, His Beatitude awarded her the homage diploma of the “Brancovean Saints Martyrs”. The exhibition was presented by academician Razvan Theodorescu.