“Vivere Insieme (Living together)” the book of the Archbishop Anastasios is published in the Italian language


Albanian Orthodox Church – October 2017

Archbishop Anastasios is distinguished for his numerous studies and books published in many languages around the world. The latter is a publication of the Bosse Monastery in Italy, a center for interfaith meetings where orthodoxy is central to the dialogue.

“Vivere Insieme (Living together)”: A Contribution of Religions and the Common Ethics of Coexistence is the title of the book, which occupies a considerable space on the Monastery website.

What is the contribution of religions toward humanity? Archbishop Anastasios offers some insights into this subject which, according to Church tradition, seeks to highlight the mysticism of Christ and the Holy Spirit in the positive elements of human research. The book “provides instruments for sharing the dialogue and testimony and reminds us that we are called upon to exercise careful listening to God’s steps … in order to consider our fraternal brotherhood as a joy and achievement and to ultimately do all of this according to the way of our poor and merciful Christ”(From the book preface written by Mr. Athanasios N. Papathanasiu).

The book emphasizes the need for man to communicate, his vital need to have contacts with the others. It highlights the fact that human beings are in need of a harmonious coexistence, which does not erase the cultural distinction of peoples, striking any difference between them, but which creatively values the best part in each individual and peoples in general. Injustice, corruption and poverty have not failed to destroy human coexistence; and beyond these problems the great religious beliefs, that influence peoples and cultures, have contributed to set the principles and to suggest noble ways to be followed.