Visit of the Patriarch of Romania to the Czech Republic


Last week end, the Romanians living in the Czech Republic had the joy to have His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church with them.

Saturday, the Primate of our Church and His Beatitude Metropolitan Kristoph of the Czech Republic and Slovakia were received at the seat of the Romanian Embassy in Prague.

Sunday, 9 October 2011, the two Primates consecrated the memorial church in Most locality, built in the memory of over 60,000 Romanian soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of Czechoslovakia from under the Nazi occupation during the World War II, as Trinitas TV station informs us.

After the consecration service, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and His Beatitude Metropolitan Krystoph celebrated the Divine Liturgy together with a group of hierarchs, priests and deacons from Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. To end with, the Patriarch of Romania offered His Beatitude Krystoph a set of engolpions, of medallions of the patriarchs of Romania, a walking staff and a set of hierarchic vestments as sign of deep esteem. In order to mark this historical moment in the life of the Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, His Beatitude Krystoph took turns in offering Patriarch Daniel the “Kyril and Methodius” Order, the highest Czech church distinction instituted 69 years ago and offered, in the course of time, only to the Primates of the Orthodox autocephalous Churches.

“We wish to express our thanks for this great gift, this symbol of our fraternal communion at the level of the Primates of our Orthodox Churches and we want it to be an urge to continue our brotherly exemplary pastoral co-operation.”

It was also in the memory of the Romanian heroes that the Patriarch of Romania and the Patriarch of the Czech Republic and Slovakia consecrated a holy cross.

Further on, the two Primates celebrated a remembrance service of the Romanian heroes who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of the Czech Land and Slovakia from under the Nazi occupation.

The Patriarch of Romania addressed those present a speech in which he explained the importance of this place of worship entitled “Symbol of the gratitude, communion and co-operation. The Memorial Church in Most, Czech Republic.”

His Beatitude Metropolitan Krystoph reminded those present the history of the places of worship in the area.

“It is not an accidental meeting, but the improvement of some historical truths and injustice that lasted a long time. Till the ’70-ies there were two Orthodox churches here that were demolished. In fact, the whole old city of Most was demolished, with all its historical monuments and churches. The only monument kept is the Gothic church, dating from the 14th century, which was moved to this place, where we can see it. The consecration of this church is an important event and so, the third church was build this summer in Most. We hope it will not be demolished like the other two.”

To end with, the official persons laid wreaths of flowers at the holy cross.

The foundation stone of the church dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord – the Day of the Heroes and Saint Martyr Valentin was consecrated by the worthy remembering patriarch Teoctist of Romania and by His Beatitude Metropolitan Krystoph of the Czech Lands and Slovakia on 14 July 2007.