Ukrainian Metropolitan Onuphrius Headed a Cross Procession in Podgorica

Church of Serbia – 1/3/2020

His Beatitude Onuphrius, Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, arrived at the capital city of Montenegro, Podgorica, on 27 February 2020, starting thereby his friendly visit to the Serbian Church in Montenegro and its Metropolitanatae of Montenegro-Littoral.

The high church dignitary, His Beatitude Onuphrius was welcome in front of the Podgorica Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection by clergy and monastics as well as by a huge number of the faithful.

After doxology and the supplication prayer (acathyst) to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, together with his host, Metropolitan of Montenegrin-Littoral Amfilohije, headed a cross procession along the streets of Podgorica, in which tens of thousands of the faithful participated.