Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church continue to deliver false Criticisms on Moscow Patriarchate and Russian Authorities

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) – Head of UGCC

George Alexander and Kisha D Dorado
OCP News Service – 6/4/14

Belgrade: The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Rite (UGCC) continue to deliver false accusation and blindly criticisms against Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian authorities for the ongoing situation in Crimea. These blind allegations have come out after  Crimea joined the Russian Federation.

Several Roman Catholic Medias reported that Ukrainian Catholics are facing extreme persecution in Crimea. They make false accusation of threat, theft of Ukrainian Catholic properties, kidnapping of Ukrainian Catholic priests and several other issues.

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The Head of UGCC Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk recently spoke of the role that his Church played during the recent political upheaval in Ukraine and openly criticized the Russian Orthodox Church saying that the Moscow Patriarchate failed in condemning the Russian annexation of Crimea. But the UGCC and Vatican failed to provide any evidence of persecution.

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False Accusation

It has been a habit for Ukrainian Catholics to accuse Russian Church and Russian authorities for their presence and involvement in Ukrainian affairs. We need to note that for a long time Russia did not make any involvement in Ukraine as President Vladimir Putin has confirmed it several time. The referendum for Crimean independence took place and Crimeans choose to join Russia. Military and political support and protection were given to Crimeans who amalgamated with Russia.  This was purely done through democratic referendum and voting system.

 Ukrainian Catholic and Vatican Agenda

Supported by Vatican, the Ukrainian Catholic Rite always had an agenda of representing themselves as the national Church of Ukraine which they have been trying to achieve by all means, but have miserably failed. The Ukrainian Catholics have been pressing Vatican long to be recognized as a Patriarchal Church, but their wish has not been granted yet particularly because Vatican fears that it may tamper their relations with the Russian Orthodox Church. But many a times they address their church as if it has been granted Patriarchal status.

The historical Vatican agenda of creating Eastern Catholic Rites was aimed at subjugating Orthodox Churches to the authority of the Pope of Rome. Even though Vatican succeeded in creating 22 different Eastern Catholic Rites, they miserably failed in achieving the desired results. Hence they keep on trying to outsmart Orthodox Churches through various strategies all over the world. All most all Eastern Catholic Rites are facing identity crisis who are neither roman nor Orthodox.  Their true Orthodox origin is damaged by extreme ‘latinization’ under Vatican.

It was also reported that UGCC actively supported the right wing extremist in maidan in Kiev and also distributed several pamphlets to ignite the illegal protest. Ukrainian Catholics also distributed ‘A Prayer Book of a Revolutionary’ to those on the Maidan.

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