Two Christians beheaded in Idlib in Syria

January 2014

Islamists from “DAASH” (“The Islamic State of Iraq and Great Syria”) have beheaded two Christians detained by them—Armenians from the village of Deir Hassan (al-Dana, Idlib). This has been reported by MCN with the reference to the Kurds, who fell into the hands of Islamists together with the Armenians, but managed to escape.

According to Ishtar TV, cited by the portal, ten Kurds who had been kidnapped by “DAASH” fled from their confinement and returned home to Afrin (Aleppo).

Rashid Arif, one of those who escaped, related that the Islamists brought two Armenians to the camp and held them captive for a week. After a week, they were taken out of the prison and nobody saw them alive since. Then one of the kidnappers brought a biscuit box to the rest of prisoners and suggested they eat its contents. When the prisoners opened the box, they found the head of one of the Armenians inside it.