Twenty Years of Pain: Serbian Families are Still Feeling the Consequences of the NATO Aggression

Jun28 – 21/4/19

Twenty years ago little Milica Rakic ​​was killed by a Nato bomb. Last week, my colleagues who are the same age Militia would have been honored her memory by speaking against the Nato aggression at the United Nations.

As we look forward to our Holy Week, I ask you to join me in helping a family who still suffers as a result of the bombing. The 10-member Bulatovic family escaped from Djakovica in 1999 after the attack. They still live in a refugee settlement in Montenegro because they are technically ‘refugees’ and do not have an identity card, health care, nor to the right to social protection. Their father passed away and the family survives off his small pension and a house which is literally falling apart and infested with bugs.

The catastrophic conditions have weakened the immune system of the children and their electricity if often switched off as they struggle to pay bills. Join us in helping this family who would be grateful for anything; food, shoes, clothes, furniture!