Training for Teachers from Kosovo and Albania

Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania – 23/2/15

How to teach students with special needs

This was the theme that gathered 50 teachers from Kosovo (28) and Albania (22), in a training organized by the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania, on February 6th to 8th, in the city of Durrës. The teachers came to this training with the desire to help, to manage and understand better those students who have special needs. During the training they had the opportunity to become acquainted with autism, ADHD-hyperactivity, the disorder of the loss of the attention, dyslexia, dyscalculia and how these lead to difficulties in learning for the students who are affected.

The trainer, who is a certified special education teacher, Ms. Maureen Thomson, told the teachers what were the causes, types and characteristics of these diseases and how they affect the learning process. The trainer demonstrated techniques and methodologies that the teachers should follow in their classrooms, to manage and assist these students in order to assist and prepare them, not only for the curriculum, but also for life.

One of the teachers said: “I think everything was important, but especially the knowledge gained about the behavior that we must show to these students and their training for life”. While another teacher asked the same question, said: “The best part of the training was the examples of the experience of the trainer and how she acted with these students. For me it was very helpful sharing her personal experience with us”. Asked if the knowledge gained in this training has served to him, one of the teachers responded: “I have had cases of children with hyperactivity in my class, and the training helped me because I learned how to work with such students.”

One such training, organized by our church, where the teachers from Malisheva of Kosovo were invited, has now become a tradition. Teachers who are invited are from the area in which our church organizes summer camps for children. Here’s what one teacher said for such activities: “These kinds of trainings must be held in all the schools and with all the teachers, and if possible to be held more often.”

It is hoped that such activities would be increased even more in the future, so that by improving the capacity of teachers, it will help children reach their full human potential.

On the last day of the training the participants visited the Durrës amphitheater, as well as the New Monastery of St. Vlash.

The Central Children’s Office