Traditional reception in honor of St. Sava at the Old City Palace

Church of Serbia- January 2016

Mayor of Belgrade organized a traditional reception on January 26, 2016, on the occasion of St. Sava’s Day, the feast-day of Serbian school education.

Mayor of the City of Belgrade Mr. Sinisa Mali welcomed assembled teachers and professors, who, according to him, have the most beautiful job – to convey their knowledge to younger generations.

The Mayor reminded that a new primary school “Danilo Kis” had been opened a year ago, that the primary school “Ivan Goran Kovacic” in the Zvezdara district was fully reconstructed, and announced that on the following day, on St. Sava’s Day, the fully restored grammar school in Obrenovac, destroyed in floods in May 2014, would be opened.

The reception was also attended by Assistant Mayor Borko Milosavljevic, Secretary for Education and Child  Protection Snezana Djuric, her deputy and assistant Igor Raicevic and Elena Bilic, as well as directors of primary and secondary schools, pre-schools. The reception was attended by deacon Dr. Aleksandar Prascevic, from the staff of the Holy Synod of Bishops in the Department for Inter-church relations, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The choir of Stankovic Music School performed an anthem to Saint Sava at the beginning of the reception whereas members of the Youth Theatre “Dadov” performed Sava’s Monologue written  by well-known Serbain poetess Desanka Maksimovic and recited the Sermon of Saint Sava.