Theological Students and Priest Association Call for Stability and Peace in Ethiopia

Menetasnot Desta – Chief Administrator of the OCP Amharic Service- OCP News Service – 21/4/19

Last Friday (12/04/2019) students of the Holy Trinity Theological University college and St. Paul’s theological college held a demonstration in front of the EOTC Patriarchate headquarters in response to the displacement and attacks on the country especially on the church and its faithful.

Students stated that the government authorities and the Church leadership did not take any steps. Life has become hard for citizens, especially for EOTC members. They requested the Synod to act on behalf of its faithful. The Ethiopian priests association in the USA also called the government, and the faithful, especially the youth to protect the interests of the Church (in a press release Saturday 13/04/2019 press release). The association stated that the recent political change in the country had its positive aspects. However, it did not find a permanent solution for human displacements, and could not curtail attacks (based on religious identity).

Ethiopian Church faithful are targeted on a massive scale. For instance, during last summer attacks in Jigjiga (of the Somali region), and during the attacks in Selale and Ataye (past weeks), several Churches were burned down, faithful were injured, and many lost their lives.
Political elites and authorities make use of the Church land and properties in the ‘name of the rule of law’ in many parts of the country. They psychologically and morally violate the faithful, degrade them, and consider the Church as an enemy.

The association requested the Church to act on the situation in a swift manner and to organize her faithful against the illegal acts. The US Priests association appreciated the ‘demonstration efforts’ of the seminarians and theology students.

OCP News Service