The Tale of Two Seminarian Sisters – Celebrate 50 Years of Autocephaly

SVOTS – 21/11/2019

Twin sisters Laura and Margaret Wachsmuth didn’t plan on ending up in the same place to study, or even going into the same vocation.

“I’m a very strong proponent of separate ways, even though we’re twins,” Margaret laughed.

But she and Laura both ended up pursuing a desire to deepen their faith and serve others through St. Vladimir’s Seminary. Margaret, already involved in chaplaincy before becoming a seminarian this year, was partially drawn to seminary because of an interest in board certification. Laura wasn’t initially drawn to chaplaincy when she left her job as a teacher to join St. Vladimir’s, but she is now, and is currently completing a residency at a VA hospital following her graduation from seminary last spring.

“I feel like we came to it from our own individual journeys, so that’s what I think is kind of marvelous: how [St. Vladimir’s] really does cater to different people, “said Margaret.

As Giving Tuesday draws closer, would you help us spread the word about helping seminarians of all backgrounds and vocations, who have made sacrifices to come to seminary? Leading up to or on Giving Tuesday, December 3, let others know by word of mouth, forwarding these emails, or posting about the #Give2StVlads campaign on your social media pages. If you click here or here, you can download a simple graphic to hold up for a #Give2StVlads selfie! (These look great on tablets and smartphones, and the second one looks good in black and white if you don’t want to waste your printer’s color ink!)

Along with December 3, please also mark January 30, 2020, on your calendar for a special celebration of 50 years of autocephaly for the Orthodox Church in America!

His Eminence, Archbishop Michael (Dahulich) will headline events on January 30, the Feast of the Three Hierarchs, as 2020’s Fr. Alexander Schmemann lecturer. As part of the special celebration, three more distinguished speakers will be featured in workshops throughout the day along with a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Mid-Year Commencement, the launch of a special, 50th-anniversary commemorative book (published by SVS Press and edited by Academic Dean Dr. Alexandru Tudorie), and a reception. Admission to the event is free.

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