The Synaxarion


Church of Serbia – 7/5/18

On the fifth Sunday of Pascha, we celebrate the feast of the Samaritan Woman, the Holy Great Martyr George, the Holy New Martyr Lazarus


Coming to obtain corruptible water, O woman,Thou drawest living water, wherewith thy soul’s stains thou washest.The Samaritan woman—the holy and glorious Great-martyr Photeini—met Jesus at midday at Jacob’s Well, whichwas located in the city of Sychar. And being tired from travel and the heat, Jesus sat at Jacob’s Well. A little after,the Samaritan woman came to draw water, and had a long conversation with Him (it is the longest recordeddiscourse between Christ and a single person in the entire Bible). Photeini did not want to talk to Jesus, because theSamaritans did not have any dealings with Jews; Jews considered her people heretics because Samaritans kept onlythe first five books of the Old Testament. However, the Lord talked with her anyway, read her heart, revealed hersecrets and gave her to drink of the “Living Water”—the grace of the Holy Spirit that leads to eternal life and flowsto all humanity. Photeini immediately ran throughout the city to proclaim Christ. Through her, many other Samaritans believed in Jesus.

By the intercessions of Thy Martyr, Photeini, O Christ God, have mercy on us. Amen.



Having come to the well in faith, the Samaritan womanbeheld Thee, the Water of Wisdom; whereof havingdrunk abundantly, she, the renowned one, inherited theKingdom on high forever.


Let us hear of the august mysteries, as John teacheth uswhat cometh to pass in Samaria: how the Lord speakethunto a woman, asking water of her, even

He thatgathered the waters into the places where they aregathered, and Who is of one throne with the Father andthe Spirit; for He, the renowned One, came, seeking outHis image forever



Thou camest to Samaria, * my Savior, Thou AlmightyLord, * and speaking there with a woman, * Thou didstentreat for her water, * Who for the Hebrews broughtestforth fresh water from a flinty rock; * and her Thoubroughtest unto faith * in Thee, and now she enjoyeth *life in the Heavens forever.



Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy


Our Savior Jesus, the Element of Life, came to theSpring of Jacob, the head of the patriarchs, and wasabout to drink the water at the hand of a Samaritanwoman. But she intercepted Him by telling Him that theJews had no dealings with the Samaritans. Albeit, thewise Creator turned her by the sweetness of His wordsrather to seek of Him the water of everlasting life,which, when she received, she proclaimed to all, saying:‘Come and see the Knower of secrets, God Who hathappeared in the flesh to save mankind.’