The Summer Day Camps for Children Continue in Different Location of Albania

The Albanian Orthodox Church – August  2014

Summer day camps for children are being held in different locations of the country. Children participate 4-5 hours per day in these camps. The program of the camp is very rich and the children learn many important and beautiful things.

The students of the Theological Academy, with the blessing of the Bishop of Apolonia, His Eminence Nicholas, and under the supervision of the professor, Anastasia Pamela Barksdale, held the summer day camps for children in St. Vlash and Rrushkull. The organizing students of these camps took part in a training program at the Theological Academy in order to gain more experience in teaching. The Day Camp in these two locations had as its theme: “The Good News and the Saints of Albania”.

During the camp the children learned about the life of the saints, their teaching to “love God” and “love one another”. The children wore t-shirts specially created for them with this wonderful message printed on the front. They viewed a film prepared by the Catechism Office on the life of St. Kosmas Aitilos and were given a new icon coloring book with scenes from the life of Jesus and four prominent Albanian saints: St. Asti, St. Vlash, St. Joan Vladimir and St. Kosmas Aitolos of Kolokondas.

The camps ended with a pilgrimage to the historical monastery of St. Kosmas Aitolos of Kolkondas to take part in the celebration of the 300th anniversary of his birth. 53 people participated in the pilgrimage, and included both children and their parents.

Camps were also organized for the children of the catechism groups of Kryezjarr, Librazhd and Shelcan. The theme of the camp was the Divine Liturgy. The goal of these camps was to guide children towards the understanding of and participation in the Divine Liturgy. The camp program included prayers, songs, games, handicrafts, cocktail, walking, etc. The days passed very quickly and children took home the lessons, the love of God and the joy that came from being all together.

Meanwhile the children’s camps continue in other places of Albania. In Gjinar of Elbasan there are currently taking place a summer day camp for children. A large number of children are attending this camp and the theme of the camp is: “God is with us”.

The Central Children’s Office is getting ready for other children’s camps. From September 1 to 6, there will be held children’s camp in Tirana, near the artificial lake, at the Church of St. Prokopios and on these same dates there also will be a camp for children in Kavaja, near the Church of St. Nicholas. While on September 9 to 13 there will be held a children’s camp in Sukth.

Childhood is a very significant age in human life; it is the age when man lays the foundations for his formation. In Proverbs 22: 6 says: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”