The Patriarch of Romanian met the young members of the Lord’s Army at Saint Spiridon the New Cathedral

On 21 April 2012, the 21st edition of the Youth Assembly of the Lord’s Army, at the country level, is taking place in Bucharest with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.

The meeting began with the Divine Liturgy celebrated in “Saint Spiridon the New” Metropolitan Cathedral by His Grace Varlaam Ploiesteanul, assisted by a large group of priests and deacons.

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church attended the religious service and blessed the young soldiers in the end, telling them that the mission of the young Christian consists, especially in pure life: “Today, the aspiration of many young people for a sincere and permanent love is deviated to a false happiness, made by the consume of alcohol and drugs, libertinage, and dangerous games that end up in violence etc. In a capitalist decadent mercantile and consumerist society in which moral and spiritual values are lost, not only objects are sold for money, but also persons, namely souls and bodies. In this context, the young Christian enlightened by Christ, the Light of the World, through prayer, pure life and good deeds, becomes an Easter flame and an apostle of the Resurrection of Christ, the vanquisher of sin, hell and death”.

The Patriarch of Romania has also appreciated the role of the Lord’s Army Organisation in keeping, promoting and conveying the permanent values of the Christian faith to the young generation: “The Lord’s Army, as movement of spiritual renewal through fight against sins and cultivation of the holiness of life, benefits today especially of the light of Christ in the souls of many young soldiers who set up Christian pious families, stable, honest, diligent, merciful and full of the joy of the love of Christ. All these things help the young ones understand that not only the communion with Christ and His Saints can give every man the spiritual force to search for, receive and convey, in today’s world, the deifying saving light of the Crucified and Risen Christ”.

The meeting continued with a pilgrimage to the Patriarchal Cathedral where they prayed the holy relics of Saint Pious Dimitrie the New. The working session takes place at Auditoriul Pallady Centre of Conference (40G Theodor Pallady Ave, Titan).

This manifestation has a national character having been organised once a year, Saturday, in the Bright Week, in one of the centres of the country.