The Patriarch of Romania consecrated the iconostasis of the church of Cotroceni Palace

October 2015

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His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, consecrated on, 07 October 2015, the iconostasis of the church of Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest, in the presence of His Excellency Mr Klaus Werner Iohannis, President of Romania.

The event took place on the feast of the spiritual protectors of the church – Saints Great Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus, whose memory is celebrated this day in the Romanian Orthodox Church.

In the sermon delivered after the consecration service, the Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church pointed out the importance of the iconostasis in Church services, from which we present an excerpt:

“The consecration of the new iconostasis of the church of Cotroceni Palace, a representative monument for Romanian medieval culture, spirituality and civilization, represents a great, holy and blessed event, with a spiritual importance and a special gracious blessing.

A memorial of the history of salvation and a prophetic anticipated vision of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Orthodox iconostasis, also called the veil of the temple, isn’t a mere separating wall between the altar and the nave, or an ornamental or artistic element, but has a profound liturgical and theological meaning. The entire history of the salvation of the world is resumed on the iconostasis, which symbolizes the coming of the Kingdom of God to humans, so that humans enter the Kingdom of God.

The new iconostasis of the church of Cotroceni Palace was crafted in detail, being a faithful copy of the original iconostasis, which is now exhibited at the National Arts Museum of Romania, both regarding the stand and the ornamental wooden elements, and regarding the style of painting the icons. The multitude of ornaments and the beauty of the details crafted in this wooden lacework received through gilt a brightness of gladsome light, enclosing the existing icons, which have been also painted in the fashion of the old icons, in a majestic, mystic, solemn and prophetic frame”, His Beatitude emphasized.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel offered to the President of Romania an icon of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, the Patriarch of Romania thanked to His Beatitude for the honour of being present in the church of Cotroceni Palace.

“Today is a feast and your presence that honours us makes it an even greater feast. I thank you for your presence, for this consecration that completes the reconstruction of this beautiful church of Cotroceni Palace. I also thank you on behalf of my team, and I am not mistaken if I also thank you on behalf of the faithful who have come today here in great numbers”, His Excellency Mr Klaus Werner Iohannis said.

In the end, the Romanian Patriarch granted several awards. His Beatitude granted the commemorative diploma and medal St John Chrysostom to Mrs Elena Murariu, the iconographer of the iconostasis, to Valentin and Diana Herea, and to dr. Cătălin and Monica Cârstoiu. His Beatitude also offered several books published by the Publishing Houses of the Romanian Patriarchate to V. Rev. Archimandrite Irineu Dogaru, the parish priest of the church. In his turn, Archim. Irineu Dogaru offered to His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel an icon of the Holy Great Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus.

The consecration service was preceded by the Divine Liturgy at which His Grace Timotei Prahoveanul (of Prahova), Assistant bishop to the Archbishopric of Bucharest, officiated, surrounded by an assembly of clergy. During the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Timotei ordinated Rev. Deacon Cornel Enache, Trinitas Radio reporter, a priest, while Mr Gheorghe Anghel, secretary of Basilica News Agency of the Romanian Patriarchate, was ordinated a deacon.