The Patriarch of Romania at Ghighiu Monastery

On 21 June 2015, the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost, the Patriarch of Romania visited the monastic community of Ghighiu Monastery, county of Prahova, where he participated in the Divine Liturgy.

To end with the celebration, the Patriarch of Romania spoke about the spiritual teaching of the evangelical pericope of the Gospel according to Matthew 6:22-23, read today at the Divine Liturgy in all places of worship.

We must seek the Kingdom of God every day

The Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church said that this Gospel urges us to focus on seeking the Kingdom of God as on the most important concern of the human being.

“The Gospel comprises three great truths, namely, if man has good and pure conscience his life will be bright. But if his conscience is bad and dark his life will be dark, namely dominated by sins and many passions. Secondly, the Gospel shows us that the care for food, drink, and clothing should not be tyranny, an enslavement of the human life so as he/she may no longer care about the salvation of his/her soul. Thirdly, the Gospel shows that we seek the Kingdom of God every day and then all the other gifts will be given. Namely, we must have the communion with God first, the spiritual relationship of love and obedience to Him, and then food, drink, clothing and all the material gifts will come as a blessing of God, as a result of our spiritual relationship with Him”, His Beatitude said.

The Kingdom of God is the communion of life and love of the Most Holy Trinity with the angels and saints

Therefore, the conclusion of the Gospel of the day is included in the line: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”, the Patriarch of Romania also explained.

“What is the Kingdom of God that we should seek? It is the communion of life and love of the Most Holy Trinity with the angels and saints who fulfilled the will of the Holy Trinity in their life. Therefore, when we are told “Seek first the Kingdom of God” it means “seek first the eternal love of God to which you are called to taste and live eternally together with God and His saints”, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church showed.

To end with, the Patriarch of Romania offered to Ghighiu Monastery several liturgical books as aq sign of appreciation and blessing.