On 17th December 2014, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, welcomed to the Patriarchal a group of conservators from the Manuscript Centre of the Library of Alexandria, who handed over to him restored and digitalized codex manuscripts of the Patriarchal Library. During the presentation of the restored codices, His Beatitude was briefed in detail on the techniques and process of restoration of the damage made by time and the return of the valuable manuscripts to researchers in a form as near as possible to their original condition.

It is worth noting that among the returned codices a parchment codex of the 12th century originating from the Holy Monastery of Stavronikitas which contains the Life of St John Chrysostom, a parchment codex of the 16th century which comprises an Interpretation of 75 of the Psalms of David by the hand of Maximos of Peloponissos and a catalogue of contents by the hand of Ioannikios, Patriarch of Alexandria; also a parchment codes of the 16th century containing the Interpretation of Genesis and Exodus by the hand of Prokoios Gazis and a catalogue of contents by the hand of Ioannikios Patriarch of Alexandria, a paper codex from1575, containing varying literature, as well as a paper codex from 1690 containing the Gospel Teachings by the hands of Hieromonks Anastasios and Athanasios.



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