The Orthodox Church of Albania and the Fair in the City of Elbasan


Armand Oga – 30/3/13

Our Orthodox churches in Elbasan, through the parishes of St. Nicholas and St.  Athanasius, took part in the three-day fair (12-14 March 2013) organized by the  Municipality of Elbasan. The goal of this fair was to present and display the  social, educational and cultural activities of the organizations of  Elbasan.

Through the initiative and organization of Father Heliodor  Demiri and of the catechist Armand Oga, our Church presented its publications,
religious handicrafts and a photographic exhibition of its various social  activities, such as: grades 1-9-years schools, high schools and universities,  public contributions, health care, day care (kindergarten), the Children’s Home  of Hope, Christian education, camps, construction and restoration of churches;  displaying in this way a dignified presentation of the rebuilding of the  Orthodox Church.

The booth of the Orthodox Church was visited by many  participants of the fair. They took a lot of information about our Church’s  activities, as well as our two parishes in Elbasan, of which some visitors had  not heard before. The visitors expressed their gratitude for this presentation
initiative. The booth of the Orthodox Church was also visited by the Vice Prime  Minister – Minister of Economy Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, the Mayor of Elbasan, and  also by different deputies. The students from Elbasan that study in the  Theological Academy and orthodox youth of the city helped a lot to represent our  Church in this fair.