The Military High School in Belgrade marked St. Sava’s feast-day on the 27th of January

Church of Serbia – 30/1/17

The solemnity took place in the Solemn Hall of the Military High School (Gymansium), where the rite of blessing Patron’s cake and wheat was performed by archpriest Ilija Smigic, Principal of the church of Holy Gabriel (declared by the Serbian Patriarch as a church serving for students of this secondary school as well) and by Priest, sub­-lieutenant Slavnko Papic, catechist in this school, in presence of Fr Nemanja Petrovic, military priest at the Military Academy and archdeacon Radomir Rakic, head-in-chief editor of the Information Service of the Serbian Patriarchate.Captain Marko Marjanovic and Mrs. Desanka Spasojevic were patrons of this solemnity.

The rite and the cultural-artistic programme that followed (prepared by the pupils of the Military and the Sports High Schools) were performed in presence of General-Mayor Malden Vuruna, Principal of the Defense University, General-Mayor Goran Zekovic with members of their collectives, representatives from the Ministry of Defense, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia, retired professors of the Military High School, municipality officials, mass media as well as by professors and teachers of these educational institutions.

In his welcome address the principal of the High School, Colonel Miroslav Gvozdenovic expressed great joy at the marking of St. Sava’s  Day inviting professors and pupils to walk along the path that St. Sava paved as founder of the Serbian State, Church and School.