The last Russian Tsar Michael Romanov




By Melchisedek Naumov – May 2015

Edited and Forwarded by Harry Blanton Binkow – Historian, Imperial Russia

There is an unknown page in Russian history – the last Russian Tsar Michael Romanov, the younger brother of Nicolas II. He spent 39 years in concentration camps. They shoot him in 1918 and after that killed him 10 more times in different ways. He outlived all of his murderers and persecutors and found rest only in 1971 when Brezhnev’s dry-rot has begun. He was the secret successor of patriarch Tikhon, the mysterious patriarch of GULAG, the prisoner of Solovki, where all the wardens were afraid of him, the great miracle-worker, father of unspeakable love, the elder who mourns over Russia with bloody tears. And this is not the complete list of spiritual god-given gifts for serving.

Sergey Starogorodskiy and Alexei Simanskiy, the leaders of Stalinsko-berievskaya church that was organized by communists were given orders of Lenin and Stalin’s Prizes for faithful service to the government, for blessing GULAG and destruction of temples, for betrayal. They themselves set examples and blessed local information all over Russia. They prayed for Stalin’s health and labeled martyrs as counter revolutionaries. They wrote theological theses about Lenin’s and Stalin’s missions.

At the same time the great man of our motherland Seraphim Solovetskiy Michael Romanov was receiving gifts from God for every knocked out tooth, for every broken rib, for every dislocated joint, for damaged kidneys, for every teared of strands of hear. He received gifts from heavenly treasury. Christ came and was crucified for Russia through 100 000 of His chosen ones. God died instead of Michael 11 times, that is why he is heavenly and earthly Tsar. That’s why he had outlived everyone and everything.

Sergey Starogorodsky terrorized the population of Russia saying that the church would perish if it did not make a deal with Stalinsko-Berievskoi repressive machine. But who needs today’s chandler? Neither God nor people do. Fearless Seraphim Umilennyi could make wardens kneel and repudiate of Stalin in exchange for curing immedicable diseases. Maybe it is why the spirit of GULAG clears away in Russia.

Not long ago the hammer of camp disorder was crumbling spines very fast even to the most strong personalities in human understanding. During the world war Michael Romanov was known as a fearless general. He was leading a division of volunteer mountaineers. Warriors of his division had never leaned to the ground. They were whole-length all the time, no matter if they were on horses or unmounted. And now the fearless warrior is in GULAG (concentration camp), in a ward, alone among criminals. And the wave of fear crashes upon him, upon the Tsar who is responsible of everything that happens in Russia. That fear comes from all the mes in among prisoners. In one more moment he would be smashed by orcs. But a miracle happens: suddenly they feel the same fear and then they are on their knees begging for mercy. Endless tears begin to flow out of the eyes of Seraphim Umilennyi because of those imprisoned criminals, those rapists and murderers repenting and crying, tearing apart their clothes: “Father, our father.. forgive us, we would die for you, no camp bitch would dare to go against you.”

When was the beginning of the spiritual feat of the great Seraphim Solovetskiy Michael Romanov? Was it at the moment of his first execution near Perm in 1918, or in 1928, when he was imprisoned to Solovecky concentration camp? Was it when Old Testament prophet Daniel said “And the great prince Michael will arise and he will right his oppressed nation” or 100 years before the birth of Michael when Avel was given a prophecy, that the last of Romanov dynasty would be Michael?

Looking at infant pictures of Michael, you wonder at the changes of his face. The face is always different. It depends on surrounding people and on the situation. If he stands next to Alexander III and his face is the same with his father’s one. And here he is with his younger sister Olga and his face is similar to hers. When he is with his tutor he looks like his tutor. During his marriage to Natalia Brasova his face becomes oblong and prolate in concordance with his wife’s profile. This is a distinctive feature of spiritual people. If you take a look at the pictures taken in farther period f his life you will also notice it. In photographs of the end of 40-s there is an obvious likeness to his sister Olga, of the middle of 50-s to his mother, and of the beginning of 60-s to his father. In the photo of 1969 there is his face as it was in the childhood. Usually childish features come back in the old age.

He has not been mentioned in history until recently. And it is easy to understand. Many people wanted him to be in the list of dead ones after the events that had occurred in Perm on the 13th of June 1918. Main of them were those who tried to kill Michael Romanov that fateful night. And after that abortive attempt they were vainly searching for him. And in 1924, when “the history of revolution” was being written, Perm’s events were presented as it was suitable for communists, thanks god paper can bare everything. Other “supporters of the truth” were those officers of White Guard, who stained their reputation with the faithlessness to the military oath, Tsar and motherland. Admiral Kolchak, who betrayed Tsar Nicolas II in February 1917, proclaimed him a supreme ruler of Russia. What did he need alive tsar for? And the dead one could be the sign of revenge. Investigations of the murder of Tsarist family in Yekaterinburg, members of Romanov dynasty in Alapaevsk and of the case of Michael II Romanov in Perm, that were organized by Kolchak led to the verdict: “communists are executors but he, admiral Kolchak is the renovator of justice.” Ex-deputy of State Duma Markov was given a very strange answer to his question by investigator Sokolov: “Has Michael Romanov been murdered?” Then, in 1922, investigator Sokolov, who had already finished the investigation, said “Case investigator Sokolov said to Markov that the fact of Michael being murdered by Bolsheviks in Perm in confrontation with the fact of murders of emperor Nicolas II and his family in Yekaterinburg and the fact of murder of august persons in Alapaevsk left no doubt.” That means that if Nicolas II and his family as well as Grand Dukes were killed and it was proved, Michael Romanov was killed in Perm. That was what professional investigator Sokolov came to searching for facts. But ex-deputy Markov was not satisfied. He was standing up for interests of one more person, who was in great need of Michael. That person was a cousin of Nicolas II Cyril, son of Vladimir. His betrayal surprises everyone even now.

In the beginning of 1917 Cyril was leading guards divisions, that were to protect Tsar. But instead of discharging his obligations, Cyril placed his guards at the disposal of the leaders who had committed a plot against Tsar – at the disposal of “Temporary Government”. He already sees him as an heir-at-law being abroad in 1922. The only thing he needs is a document that confirms the death of Michael Romanov. And that is what Markov needs. Markov brings a document for “Tsarist case” from their alleged agent in Central Committee in a while after his visit to Sokolov. Modern specialists in crime detection declared that “document” to be a cheap falsification. But Sokolov gave to Markov a documentation that Michael Romanov was dead basing on that false paper. Cyril was crowned in 1924, and when queen dowager Maria objected, he proclaimed her son dead according to the false document. But nobody can deceive the heart of a mother, and according to evidence of surrounding her people, Maria always knew that her son Michael was alive.

But what did Cyril need that arrangement to happen for? It was supported by few of Romanov family. Why did Cyril crowned himself? Was it because of ambition? Probably the reason was mythic “tsar’s gold”, for only duly elected tsar could have access to it.

Moscow patriarchate would not like to see Michael among living as well. Michael Romanov was the secret successor of patriarchy Tihon. For some of them it was like a bone in the throat that was easy to choke with. Stalin, Sergey Starogorodskiy and commissioner of religious Tuchkov organized “ROC” – Russian Orthodoxy Church in 1927. It was when Sergey Starogorodskiy published a declaration about loyalty and partnership between this church and communistic state. Before revolution the church was “Russian Greek-Orthodoxy Church of Eastern Rites”. And today Moscow patriarchate wants to be presented as the juridical and canonical successor of that church. Sergey Starogorodskiy was one of the ideologists of “renewing movement in Orthodoxy.” Renewals designated Marks as a prophet and Lenin as messiah, alleging that they were bringing to life all the hopes of Jesus Christ Later on metropolitan Sergey Starogorodskiy had repent, but it turned out to happen only on the surface. After the death of patriarchy Tihon Peter Polyanskiy becomes one of the keepers of patriarchal throne. Metropolitan Sergey Starogorodskiy is one of his secretaries. Sergey usurps patriarchy power with the help of Tuchkov while Peter is in exile. He was appointed patriarchy of the Stalin’s organization by the will of Stalin in 1943. Moscow patriarchate is going to canonize Michael Romanov killed in 1918 only for not letting Seraphim of Solovki Michael Romanov be acknowledged.

And more… The fact of Michael’s long life affects the professional pride of investigative agencies, who were not able to denounce and reveal the last Russian Tsar in Michael Pozdeev’s personality. In 90-s, when archives became more available, a publication “The Resurrected Romanov?..” is printed as a “scientific” research. In that book there are investigative materials from archives, and it seems that they have an evident aim to besmirch Seraphim Solovetskiy Michael Romanov. But it turned out differently. Having read the publication carefully it turns out that Michael as pretending to be not very literate monk M.A. Pozdeev from Udmurtian village Debesi. But at meetings with honorable people, with spiritually and well educated personalities, they could easily recognize a person of high life in him. He could easily fool any proletarian investigator, but not lady of quality, who became the superioress in Yekaterinburg. Otherwise how could David Abashidze (1867-1943), the hierarchy of the church, one of the most famous leaders of Russian Orthodoxy, the person of great morals, who was known for his theological researches, ghostly father of many extraordinary people, how could he recognize the hierarchy of Russian Orthodoxy in a monk M. Pozdeev?

In books of Blessed Iohann Seraphim of Solovki is presented in a special way, in a church story. Seraphim Umilennyi Michael Romanov himself narrates about the events of the past. This stories have been kept as a secret until these days and only now they become common.