The Investigative Committee confirmed the identification of the remains of Nicholas II family

*** Criminal case into emperor’s death closed – Investigative Committee

Moscow, January 17, Interfax – The Russian Investigative Committee has closed a criminal case into the death of Russia’s last Emperor Nicholas II Romanov, his wife, children and the imperial entourage in 1918-1919.

“The case was closed on January 14 in line with a court decision. The identification of the remains of the former emperor and people of the imperial entourage is confirmed by the committee’s resolution on the issue,” the committee says in a report posted on its website on Monday.

It says that in compliance with resolution of Russian and foreign experts and other investigation materials, remains found in the first burial belongs to Nicholas II, his wife and daughters – Grand Duchess Olga, Tatyana and Anastasia and people of the imperial entourage (the lady’s maid, the physician-in-ordinary, the valet and the cook). Remains in the second burial belong to Nicholas II children – Crown Prince Alexey and Grand Duchess Maria.

On October 1, 2008, the Russian Supreme Court’s Presidium ruled to rehabilitate Nicholas II Romanov and his family.

The court confirmed that the arrest and shootings of the imperial family and their servants had been carried out “on behalf of the state” but said that from the point of view of the then Soviet government the repression was necessary because the “former emperor, his wife and children – members of the Russian Imperial House – constituted a danger to the Soviet political regime according to their class, social and religious distinctions”.

On October 1, 2008, following a lawsuit filed by Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova over inconsistencies between the October 1, 2008 ruling of the Supreme Court’s Presidium and the investigator’s resolution, a Moscow Basmanny District Court judge declared the investigator’s resolution on the closure of the criminal case unfounded under Article 90 of the Russian Criminal Code and ordered the inconsistencies to be removed.

“On November 25, 2010, the resolution on the closure of the above criminal case was cancelled by a deputy chief of the Investigative Committee,” the report says.

The probe was led by the committee’s Main Investigative Department, it says.