‘The Good to Know’ Romanian Orthodox Online Magazine is now Available for Download

Sorin Ioniţe – Basilica News Agency16/2/19

The first issue of ‘The Good to Know’ online magazine of the Basilica News Agency is now available for download.

This project initially started in 2017 was named ‘The Basilica monthly review,’ and was published at the beginning of every month until its rebranding this year.

What you are about to look through is the first issue of our refurbished online publication that will be known as ‘The Good to Know’ magazine.

This periodical will be published online only, being available in PDF format for downloading or reading.

Every issue will be published on the Issuu platform for a more engaging and interactive reading experience.

Containing a summary of the religious events in the entire Orthodox world, ‘The Good to Know’ online magazine can be freely printed out and distributed for more thorough information and spiritual benefit.

The magazine features a selection of articles that invite our readers to peruse the full content of our website, each article being connected to the information on the basilica.ro website through a backlink.

‘The Good to Know’ online magazine will be published both in Romanian and English.

Don’t forget to communicate the Good to Know to others!

Please feel free to share your opinion and suggestions about this new project in the comments section below or by writing an email at info@basilica.ro.

Foto credit: Basilica.ro


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