The First Divine Liturgy In The Romanian Church In Most – Czech Republic

At present, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, is in Most locality, Czech Republic, where on, 9 october 2011, he consecrated the Romanian Orthodox church over there, together with His Beatitude Metropolitan Krystoph of Czech Republic and Slovakia, assisted by a group of hierarchs, priests and deacons from Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Further on, at 10.00 o’clock, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the Romanian place of worship.

After reading the evangelical pericope, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel delivered a speech in which he emphasised, among other things, the fact that the Saviour brings comfort when man is suffering – informs Trinitas Radio station.

“The Gospel reading we listened to today shows first of all the merciful love of Jesus Christ, our Lord, who knows the pain of every human being and brings comfort when He feels the pain is too big, because the human has a limit of his suffering. If he passes over that limit he or she can get sick or despair. Some people had a tragic end because they could not bear too much suffering and pain (…) Jesus Christ, our Lord, comes wherever it is much suffering and pain. Nobody invited Him to Nain city, but He went right of His own will to the mourning grieved mother. So, we see that Jesus Christ knows the sorrow of every family who loses a dear one. We also see that Jesus Christ, our Lord, knows how overwhelming is the sorrow of a mother’s heart whose only hope was that child as support when aged and nothing is more painful for a mother than taking her only son to be buried in the cemetery. (…) Christ, our Lord, feels pity for the mourning family and wishes life for us, not death. This is why we must always encourage the mourning suffering families to have stronger faith in the resurrection of the dead and pray for the dead because they are in the love of Most Holy Trinity. (…) Today’s Gospel also urges us to take care both of parents and of children. There are lots of young people who are not physically dead, but spiritually dead because they have become estranged from God, from their families and from themselves. These ones must be helped to stand up, to come back to the state of communion and communication, to be joy, not trouble for their parents”.

His Beatitude has also shown that Christ, our Lord, gives life through His Body.

“Jesus Christ, our Saviour, gives life to a young man who left this world too early. The fact that He touched the coffin of a dead man is full of significance because according to the Jewish tradition nobody was allowed to touch a dead man. Saint Kyril says that when the Saviour laid His hand on the coffin in which the dead child of the widow was, He wanted to show that life is given to the humans through His Body, of God-the-Man. It was an anticipation of His Resurrection, because life is given to the humans through His Body, He Himself defeating the death of His own human nature which He assumed due to His love for humans and for their salvation”.

At the same time, the Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church reminded those present that the place where man faces suffering without being defeated and where he receives healing of sin and spiritual resurrection is the Church.

“Today, we felt at Most a gate of Heaven and a house of God, as well as a spiritual hospital, because the church is a spiritual hospital where we heal our estrangement from God, from our fellow beings and from ourselves. We knocked at the locked doors of the church before entering to consecrate it inside, because the church is a gate of Heaven. It is here that we get the forgiveness of our sins. It is here that we discover what the true source of happiness is and it is through the holy sacraments that we receive the foretaste of the eternal life. This is why the church cannot be replaced by anything in this world because she is the laboratory of resurrection”.

A series of officials representing the Romanian and Czech states, as well as tens of faithful attended the event.