The Feast of the Entry of Mary into the Temple at the 14th Century Church at Lipljan, Kosovo-Metohia, Serbia

Church of Serbia – 9/12/2019

On the feast of the Entry of Mary into the Temple, His Grace Bishop Theodosije of Raska-Prizren served the Holy Archhierarchal Liturgy with the concelebration of the dean of the Pristina Bishop’s Deanery protopresbyter-staurophor Svetislav Trajkovic and priests of that Deanery.

The celebration took place in the church dedicated to the Entry of Mary into the Temple dating from the 14th century.

-This church has survived to this day and reminds us that we too should survive, but not by our power, strength, intelligence, but by power of God and by prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the way our people lived and survived in the past, fostering faith and hope in the Lord by seeking mediation of the Most Holy Mother of God. For that reason, today as well we need to raise eyes up to heaven and ask God for help, but before that, we must fulfill the word of God and His divine commandments, said Bishop Theodosius.

Today’s celebration at Lipljan was especially enhanced by the presence of children, whose teacher Slavomir Miric in the Primary School “Brothers Aksic” at Lipljan says that there are fewer children than there used to be, but he believes that with some goodwill the Serbs at Lipljan can survive.

The interim organ president of Lipjan, Zlatko Lazic, notes that the security situation is not very good, but he hopes that in the future people will feel more secure. He points out that church feasts show the unity of the citizens.

– These religious objects mean a lot; they show that Orthodoxy is present here and that the Serbs will continue to exist in this region. Lipljan resident Ljubomir Jovanovic says: – There are not many of us in Lipljan, we gather here around the church and spend our days from morning to tomorrow. Lipljan is a very beautiful city, it should not be abandoned.