West Bank


January 29, 2018 Featured

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem  – 29/1/18 It is announced that the historic Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist in the Bethabara area, east of Jericho, on the west bank of the river Jordan will be reopened as an Orthodox Shrine of the Jerusalem Patriarchate from next Monday January 16/29, 2018. According to the tradition of […]

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January 22, 2018 Featured

The Jerusalem Patriarchate – 22/1/18 The Forefeast of Theophany was celebrated by the Patriarchate according to the Typikon order of the Church and the Status Quo of the Patriarchate, on Thursday January 5/18, 2018. After the Service of Matins at the Monastic Church of Saints Constantine and Helen on the morning of the aforementioned day, […]

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June 16, 2017 Featured

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem – June 2017 To the north of the West Bank and 15 km to the south-east of the City of Jenin, lies the town of Zababdeh or al-Zababida. The history of this small town dates back to no longer than two centuries. The first people who inhabited this land had fled […]

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October 25, 2016 Featured News

Pravoslavie.ru – 25/10/16 The memorial to Moses on the summit of the famous Biblical Mount Nebo has again opened to pilgrims who wish to visit the site of the repose of the God-seer in the Holy Land, after the memorial was closed for restoration work for ten years, reportsSedmitza.ru. The memorial to Moses, situated seven kilometers […]

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November 2, 2015 Featured News

Patriarchate of Jerusalem – October -November 2015 On Monday, the 13th/26th of October 2015, the Patriarchate observed the feast of the translation of the relics of St Savvas the Sanctified to the Monastery that was founded by him in the desert of Judea, on the west bank of Cedars stream. The feast, set by the […]

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October 3, 2015 News

On the morning of Thursday, the 18th of September/1st of October 2015, Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem conferred the medal of Minor Crusader of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher upon Mr Marios Papadopoulos and Mr Frank Feigenbaum. This honour was awarded in recognition of the two men’s interest in the Patriarchate, especially the financial […]

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IOCC Farm Project Reaps Food And Earning Power For West Bank Women

August 5, 2015 Featured News
The freshly laid eggs that Rana gathers daily from her hen house not only help to feed her and her ailing mother, but also provide much needed income from egg sales at the farmer

July-August 2015 Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — Four years ago Samira’s husband was killed while farming his land in the West Bank, leaving her with seven children to support, little education and no source of income. “I was very afraid after the death of my husband, because I was alone,” the 43-year-old widow recalled. “I never […]

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March 24, 2015 Featured News

On Tuesday, the 4th/17th March of 2015, the Patriarchate observed the memory of Hosios Gerasimus of the Jordan at the Monastery founded by him during the 5th c. AD, in the desert of the West Bank of the Jordan River. The Monastery was founded by Abba Gerasimus on the Holy Land, after he had led […]

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Solidarity with abducted archbishops and nuns expressed

January 12, 2014 Featured News

Bethlehem, West Bank, (SANA)- Participants of Theology and the Local Church Conference in the occupied Palestinian territories expressed solidarity with the abducted archbishops and nuns  by the armed terrorist groups in Syria, stressing the adherence of the Christians of the east to their Arab identity and rejection of isolationism, being original part and parcel in the […]

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Ringing the bells in Bethlehem, to keep those old Christmas traditions alive

December 28, 2013 Featured News
Khadir Jaraiseh, 22, pulls the ropes of four bells in a short tower of the Church of the Nativity, for prayer services of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Bethlehem, December 22, 2013.Photo by AP

The Associated Press – December 2013 The old Christmas traditions in the Church of the Nativity are waning, but some Christian Palestinians still strain to keep them. A Palestinian college student is one of the last keepers of a fading tradition — ringing the bells of Bethlehem. Twice a week, Khadir Jaraiseh climbs to the roof […]

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Vandals damage graves in Jerusalem, in latest attack against Christians

October 9, 2013 Featured News

Associated Press- 9/10/13 JERUSALEM — Christian leaders in Israel are up in arms over what they say is a string of relentless attacks on church properties and religious sites — most recently the desecration of a historic Protestant cemetery where vandals toppled stone crosses from graves and bludgeoned them to pieces. The attack in the […]

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Monastery defaced by ‘extremists’

August 22, 2013 News

22/8/13 Vandals have defaced a monastery near Jerusalem, police said, in the latest in a series of similar incidents blamed on extremists. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said minor damage, likely caused by a fire bomb, affected the exterior of the Beit Gemal Monastery. Samri said the phrase “price tag” was scrawled on to a wall […]

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Palestinian Christians Face

March 30, 2013 News

Lena Odgaard for Al-Monitor  Palestine Pulse- 30/3/13 Thousands of Christians from across the globe are flocking to Jerusalem to  follow the footsteps of Jesus during the Easter festivities. But while pilgrims  from Africa, Asia, the US and Europe can easily spend the most important  Christian holiday in the historic city, Christian Palestinians living only five  […]

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Christmas in Bethlehem

December 24, 2012 Featured News

24/12/12 Israel has taken measures to ensure a safe environment, smooth access and movement for the many worshippers and tourists who come to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem. (Communicated by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories – COGAT) Israel actively supports and protects freedom of worship for every religion. This takes on special significance […]

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Extremist Israeli Settlers Write Racist Graffiti On Christian Monastery

December 13, 2012 Featured News

Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies – 13/12/12 A number of extremist Israeli settlers wrote, on Wednesday at dawn, racist graffiti attacking Christianity and Jesus Christ on the walls of a monastery in occupied Jerusalem, the WAFA News Agency reported. The graffiti written on the walls of the monastery included “Price Tag”, and several insults […]

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‘Jesus is a monkey’ daubed on Jerusalem monastery wall

September 4, 2012 Featured News

Menahem Kahana / AFP – Getty Images A Trappist monk stands between graffiti reading in Hebrew, “Jesus is a monkey” (L) and “mutual guarantee, Ramat Migron and Maoz Ester” (West Bank settlements) (R), which was sprayed on the wall of the Latrun Monastery between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on Tuesday after unknown people set the […]

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Palestinians push Nativity church as Heritage site

June 24, 2012 Featured News

Associated Press 23/6/2012 (AP) The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is becoming the church of contention, with a bid by the Palestinians to use their position as the newest members of the U.N.’s cultural arm to obtain World Heritage status for the iconic Christian site and perhaps boost their own campaign for legitimacy. The […]

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A Palestinian Christian Eyewitness Remembers The Israeli Military Siege Of The Church Of The Nativity

April 8, 2012 News

By Sharat G. Lin with Jiries Canavati in Bethlehem 8/4/2012 Ten years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in response to a rapid succession of suicide bombings by Palestinians inside Israel and against Israeli settlements in the West Bank , vowed revenge, calling for “an uncompromising war to uproot these savages.” Calling Palestinian leader Yasir […]

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Ancient monastery attacked by Israeli extremists

April 5, 2012 Featured News

By Lauren Gelfond Feldinger 4/4/2012 Continuing vandalism at religious sites prompts condemnation from religious communities and politicians. A medieval Greek Orthodox monastery in Jerusalem, one of the latest holy sites to be targeted in the region in an epidemic of vandalism, is at the centre of a diplomatic dispute between Greece and Georgia. In February, […]

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‘Price Tag’ mirrors Hitler’s youth

March 16, 2012 News

By Jamal Kanj 15/3/2012 Death to Christians’ and ‘Death to Arabs’ were scrawled in Hebrew last week on an old monastery and property of Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem. On February 20, a Baptist church was defiled with graffiti insulting Jesus’ mother. Earlier in the same month, an 11th century Greek Orthodox monastery was desecrated. The […]

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Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians

March 10, 2012 News
A damaged crucifix survives the burning of a Greek-Orthodox church in Tulkarem in the West Bank on Sept. 17, 2006.

9/3/2012 The church in Bethlehem had survived more than 1,000 years, through wars and conquests, but its future now seemed in jeopardy. Spray-painted all over its ancient stone walls were the Arabic letters for Hamas. The year was 1994 and the city was about to pass from Israeli to Palestinian control. I was meeting with […]

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