The Camino de Santiago: My Reflections

August 3, 2018 Featured

Deacon Daniel Malyon (Representing the Coptic Orthodox Church in UK to Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE) – OCP News Service – 3/8/18  Preparation “The goal is a perfect peacefulness even in the middle of the raging storm.” – St John Climacus. In the busy modern world, the concept of escaping the world to spend time alone with God […]

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Bishop Angaelos Enthroned as the first Coptic Orthodox Bishop of London

November 19, 2017 Featured

Deacon Daniel Malyon – (Delegate of United Kingdom)-19/11/17 London- UK: On 18th November, His Grace Bishop Angaelos was Enthroned as the first Coptic Bishop of London at St. George Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Stevenage. To celebrate this, many Orthodox and Ecumenical guests attended the event to give thanks to God and see this historic occasion. […]

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Oriental Orthodox Primates Gather in Germany

October 18, 2017 Featured

Julie Johns (Delegate in UK and Western Europe) – OCP News Service – 18/10/17 Germany- Primates of Oriental Orthodox Churches,  Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria – Primate of Coptic Church, Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II of the East (Primate of the Syriac Orthodox Church), Catholicos-Patriarch Karekin II of Armenia (Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church) […]

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Fr Dr Josi Jacob at Ethiopian Day Consultation of Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative on Sept 9

September 3, 2017 Featured
Fr. Dr. Jossi Jacob (Indian Orthodox Delegate in Ethiopia and Faculty at Holy Trinity College)

By Our Gulf Correspondent – OCP News Service – 3/9/17 MILDMAY WARD, London: The Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative (LOI) is holding a meeting with delegates from Ethiopia attending the 2017 LOI Consultation in Cambridge which will bring together senior leaders from Orthodox and evangelical churches around the world. They will reflect on the formation and training of […]

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The Real Bridge Over Troubled Water: Local Church Calms Grenfell Tower Storm

June 23, 2017 News
© REUTERS/ Marko Djurica

    Sputinknews – 23/6/17 It’s been days, but for the residents of Grenfell Tower it probably feels a lot longer, since news that a West London Tower block had gone up in flames and not everyone was able to escape dominated the headlines. In the hours following the fire, families and friends of people who lived in […]

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Historic Meeting of Queen Elizabeth II & Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria

May 10, 2017 Featured
Queen Elizabeth II greeting Egypt's Pope Tawadros II at Windsor Palace in London , UK (Photo: Buckingham palace)

Julie Jones (Delegate in the UK) – OCP News Service – 10/5/17 More photos from Getty Images here: London: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the UK received for the first time, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II – Patriarch of the See of St. Mark the Evangelist & Primate of the Coptic Orthodox Church on […]

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Catholicos of All Armenians Sends Letter of Condolence to British Prime Minister

March 25, 2017 News

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin – 25/3/17 On March 24, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; sent a letter of condolence to Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, for the casualties suffered during the terrorist attacks in London on March 22. […]

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Persecuted Middle East Bishops Banned from visiting UK

December 5, 2016 Featured News

Archbishop Cranmer – 5/12/16 Why are suffering Syrian and Iraqi bishops banned from visiting the UK? They only wanted to attend the consecration of the country’s first Syriac Orthodox cathedral, dedicated to St Thomas. They might even have met the Prince of Wales for a cup of tea, but after that they’d have surely returned […]

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Russia’s Patriarch Kirill meets Queen Elizabeth II, discusses Christians in Europe

October 19, 2016 Featured News – 19/10/16 Queen Elizabeth II has held a historic meeting with Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, who is on an official visit to the UK to mark the 300th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox Church’s presence there. The meeting was held Tuesday behind closed doors in Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official […]

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UK media & elite greet Russian Patriarch with suspicion and indignation

October 18, 2016 Featured News

RT.Com – 18/10/16 The Patriarch of Russia’s Orthodox Church, Kirill, is visiting Britain at a time when tensions between London and Moscow could hardly be any worse. Predictably, the UK media and sections of the political establishment are highly critical of the trip. Those of us who follow these things know exactly how dreadful British-Russian […]

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Patriarch Kirill Meets Oriental Orthodox Prelates in London

October 17, 2016 Featured News

Julie Jones – OCP News Service – (OCP Delegate in the U.K.) Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia – Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church met Coptic, Armenian and Syriac Orthodox Prelates in London during the reception organized on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Russian Orthodoxy in the UK and Ireland. Patriarch met […]

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Tragedy continues for Christians in Aleppo: You can help them

August 28, 2016 Featured News

Barnabas Fund – August 2016 “The enemy has besieged the rebels … the rebels attacked us and occupied the main road (the supply route of Aleppo) and we were besieged for ten days. And because of this, the government … surrounded the rebels and [we have] been besieged totally.” – email to Barnabas Fund from […]

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Practice What You Preach: Refugee Family Moves Into UK Archbishop’s Home

July 21, 2016 Featured News

Sputniknews – July 2016 UK’s Home Secretary and the Archbishop of Canterbury have launched a new scheme to encourage community groups to sponsor a refugee family. It sounds like something out of a Charles Dickens novel, a poor refugee family finally finding peace with the help of a rich, cheerful donor or — in this case — the Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Welby has […]

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House of Lords Launch of Report on Religion-based Asylum Application Process

June 8, 2016 Featured News

Coptic Orthodox Church UK – June 2016 The 7 June 2016 saw the launch of a report jointly commissioned by the Asylum Advocacy Group (AAG) and The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for International Freedom of Religion or Belief. The report, entitled ‘Fleeing Persecution: Asylum Claims in the UK on Religious Freedom Grounds’ explores the effectiveness […]

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Amen, Google! Church of England Invests in Tax Avoiding Tech Firm

May 17, 2016 Featured News
© AFP 2016/ Ben Stansall – 17/5/16 As the UK housing market reaches crisis point for many people unable to buy a home and homelessness jumps to record levels, the Church of England reveals it made billions of dollars from real estate, while investing in companies accused of tax avoidance in the UK. In just over two decades, Church coffers have […]

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Bishop Angaelos & Baroness Anelay discuss Christians in the Middle East, Human Rights & Freedom of Religion

May 6, 2016 Featured News

The Coptic Orthodox Church in Europe – United Kingdom – May 2016 Baroness Anelay meets with HG Bishop Angaelos at The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre to discuss matters relating to Christians in the Middle East, Human Rights, and Freedom of Religion or Belief. The Rt Hon. the Baroness Anelay of St Johns DBE, Minister of […]

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Russian man may face jail for insulting Orthodox faith online, case ‘creates dangerous precedent‘

March 6, 2016 Featured News
© Reuters – March 2016 Public opinion in Russia is divided over the case of a man who could spend a year behind bars for insulting the feelings of religious believers when in an online debate he said the Bible is “complete bulls**t” and “there is no God.” Viktor Krasnov, from Stavropol in southern Russia, opened up […]

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Statement on the Government proposal to legalise assisted suicide by Bishop Angaelos

September 11, 2015 Featured News

September 2015 Statement on the government proposal to legalise assisted suicide By His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom.  As we approach the UK Parliament debate on the proposed ‘assisted dying bill’, we must ensure that this discussion is conducted within the context of a clear understanding of the […]

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Book Review: Irenaeus of Lyons: Identifying Christianity By Fr John Behr

April 30, 2015 Featured News

Deacon Daniel Malyon of the British Orthodox Church- April 2015 Irenaeus of Lyons: Identifying Christianity By Fr John Behr Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press (2015) ISBN: 0199214638 PricE: £18.99 (Amazon uk) Being a Philosophy teacher, I run discussions and evaluations into ‘The Theodicy of Irenaeus’ on a regular basis and when I do so, it is […]

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Obama’s Christianity: A Political Tool to Silence Christians

April 18, 2015 Featured News

Raymond Ibrahim – FrontPage Magazine – April 2015 Here in the United States, where Americans are used to hearing their president always invoke Christianity in a manner that silences Christians, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent Easter message was moderately refreshing. Among other things, Cameron made it a point to say “that we should feel proud to […]

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The Suicidal Church In The U.K.

April 6, 2015 Featured News – April 2015 A lot of words will be spoken and written over this Easter weekend in the UK. Words of hope and new life, resurrection and new beginnings. The churches will be (relatively) full – yet even with that, the numbers will not be massive. Just fewer than 1.3 million attended an Easter Anglican […]

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