Newly Elected Assyrian Patriarch Wants to Commemorate Genocide Centennial

June 8, 2014 Featured News

8/6/14 Damascus (AINA) — The synod of the Assyrian Orthodox Church made a surprising decision on May 30th to form a committee to prepare for the commemoration of the centennial of the 1915 Turkish genocide of Assyrians. The decision came as the newly elected Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II held his first meeting with the bishops […]

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Vandalized Armenian church to be reconstructed in Turkey’s Mush

May 22, 2014 Featured News

PanARMENIAN Network – May 2014 PanARMENIAN.Net – Plans for reconstruction of the vandalized St. Marine Church in Armenian district of Mush have been announced, with preparatory works and search of sponsors in progress, the Turkish town’s mayor Feyat Asya said. According to Agos Armenian-Turkish weekly, destruction of the Armenian district started back in summer 2013, […]

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COMPARATIVE LAW – A Conference on Turkey and Modern Greece

May 14, 2014 Featured News

May 2014 By His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Boġaziçi University, May 9-10, 2014) Eminent Rector of this esteemed university, Prof. Gülay Barbarosoğlu, Distinguished symposium organizers and participants, Ladies and gentlemen, It is a particular pleasure and privilege to be asked to address you during this prestigious gathering of legal scholars as you explore various aspects […]

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‘Christians in Turkey Are Second-Class Citizens’

May 10, 2014 Featured News
Halki Theological Seminary

By Walter Flick http://www.dw.de - 10/5/14 The spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Batholomew of Constantinople, arrives to Germany May 10. During his nine-day visit, the 74-year-old will meet with state representatives including Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck. He’ll also be a guest of honor at major Christian churches, and receive […]

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Calls for prayers in Hagia Sophia raise concerns

May 9, 2014 Featured News

May 2014 ISTANBUL — Numerous supporters of controversial imam Fethullah Gülen recently started a campaign on Twitter calling for the Hagia Sophia to be reopened as a mosque. The move, which is also being supported by numerous politicians, has been questioned by others who note that Gülenists purport to promote dialogue and tolerance toward other […]

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May 5, 2014 Featured News

Istanbul – May 2014The current Turkish prime-minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is considering the possibility of Muslim prayer at Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul (Constantinople), reports Romphea. Erdogan is planning to participate in a namaz at the historic Hagia Sophia Church in Constantinople, reports the Radikal Turkish daily newspaper. The Muslim prayer will probably be performed […]

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‘The Savior’ Screening at Turkey’s Halki Seminary

May 2, 2014 Featured News

Ioanna Zikakou- Greek Reporter- April – May 2014 Halki Seminary in Heybaliada, Istanbul, will open its doors to host a special screening of the film “The Savior” by Palestinian director, Robert Savo. In light of the recent Easter celebrations, this special screening will take place in the peaceful and historic atmosphere of the seminary. Robert […]

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US Congressmen Visit the Ecumenical Centre of the Mother See

April 29, 2014 News

April 2014 On April 24, following their meeting with His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Mr. Ed Royce, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives; and the delegation of the US congressmen visited the newly opened Ecumenical Centre […]

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“Armenians do not want sympathy or mercy from the Turkish authorities; they demand the recognition of the Genocide and Reparations,” Said His Holiness Aram I

April 27, 2014 Featured News

  April 2014 24 April 2014. On Thursday, following the Holy Liturgy at the St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral in Antelias, the faithful attended the requiem service in memory of the martyrs in front of the Memorial Chapel. His Holiness Aram I presided over the service and, addressing the people, he delivered the following message: The […]

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Hundreds Commemorate Genocide in Diyarbakir, Turkey

April 27, 2014 Featured News
A boy stands near the Monument of Common Conscience during the genocide commemoration in Diyarbakir. (Photo by Scout Tufankjian)A boy stands near the Monument of Common Conscience during the genocide commemoration in Diyarbakir (photo by Scout Tufankjian).

By Gulisor Akkum http://www.armenianweekly.com - 27/4/14 The commemoration was jointly organized by the Diyarbakir Bar Association, the Diyarbakir branch of the Human Rights Association of Turkey (HRA), and the Gomidas Institute (GI).At noon, attendees gathered at the Monument of Common Conscience (Ortak Vicdan An?t?), where pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) parliamentarian Altan Tan, GI’s Ara […]

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Armenians expect genocide recognition from Turkey – Catholicos Aram I

April 25, 2014 Featured News

Yerevan, April 25, Interfax – The Armenian people expect not only condolences but the recognition of the Armenian Genocide from Turkey, Catholicos Aram I of the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia. “We have read the Turkish prime minister’s statement on the eve of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. Falsification of historical facts cannot […]

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99 Years of Turkish Genocide

April 24, 2014 Featured News
In this 1919 photo released by the Armenian National Archives shows victims of the "Great Slaughter" in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.  The sign reads: Some of the Armenians, who were killed and brought to the Armenian Relief Hospital during the massacre of Feb. 28th  1919 at Aleppo. Violence against Armenian centers in eastern regions of the dying Ottoman Empire spiked over the summer 1915. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians deemed subversive to the empire _ as many as 1.5 million, by many accounts _ died in what is today eastern Turkey.Most were driven into the deserts of Syria and Iran, over the mountains into the southern Caucasus, into disease and starvation, hounded and attacked by maurauding soldiers, Turkish and others.(AP Photo/Armenian National Archives, HO)

AINA Editorial – 24/4/14 (AINA) — On April 24, 1915 the Turkish genocide of Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians began very simply, without pomp and circumstance. “We have made a clean sweep of the Armenians and Assyrians of Azerbaijan.” Those were the words of Djevdet Bey, the governor of Van Province in Ottoman Turkey, who on […]

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Turkish Government Issues Message Denying Assyrian, Armenian, Greek Genocide

April 24, 2014 News

By Rufiz Hafizoglu http://en.trend.az - 24/4/14 Turkey’s Cabinet of Ministers has spread a message in connection with the events of 1915, the website of the country’s government said on April 23.The message says it is important not to be a captive of historical events and there is need to create a foundation for building a common […]

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His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II received Mr. M. Levent Bilgen – Consul General of the Republic of Turkey

April 22, 2014 Featured News

April 2014 On April 17th His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II received Mr. M. Levent Bilgen, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey. Mr. Bilgen expressed his condolences for the passing away of the late Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I and congratulated His Holiness for his election as Patriarch of Antioch. His Holiness recalled […]

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Turkey ‘Aided Islamist Fighters’ in Attack on Syrian Christian Town

April 15, 2014 Featured News
A severely damaged house in the Armenian Christian town of Kasab (Photo: REUTERS).

By Ruth Sherlock The Telegraph - 15/4/14 Turkey facilitated an attack carried out by Islamist fighters against the Armenian town of Kasab inside Syria, eyewitnesses have told the Telegraph. In an operation that was months in the planning, Turkish authorities gave rebel groups the mandate they needed to attack, allowing them access through a heavily militarised […]

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Second meeting of the working group for dialogue between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey takes place at the Department for External Church Relations

April 12, 2014 News

April 2014 The meeting was held at the DECR premises on April 8, 2014, under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations (DECR) and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Paçaci, head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, […]

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His Holiness Aram I briefs the Executive Committee of the Catholicosate on the situation in Kessab

March 29, 2014 Featured News

29/3/14 Following the assault on Kessab during the weekend, the Executive Committee of the Catholicosate held an extraordinary meeting and moved to help the displaced Armenian population of Kessab and called upon all Armenians to them at this tragic time. At the conclusion of the meeting, His Holiness Aram I announced that all Armenians whether […]

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Reports Cite 80 Dead in Kessab; Churches Desecrated

March 24, 2014 Featured News

24/3/13 KESSAB, Syria–The Armenian populated villages of Kessab, Syria were the target of three days of brutal cross-border attacks from Turkey by al-Qaeda affiliated armed bands, which have cost 80 lives and forced the civilian population of the area to flee to neighboring hills, with many seeking safe-haven in the nearby cities of Latakia and […]

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March 24, 2014 Featured News

24/3/14 On Friday, 21 March, early in the morning, His Holiness Aram I was informed of the assault and bombardment of the radical rebel forces from Turkey on Kessab, the historical Armenian region near the Turkish border. After consultation with the Armenian clergy and community leaders in Latakia, Aleppo, Damascus and Lebanon, the Catholicos demanded […]

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Villagers in Turkey Urge Renovations for Armenian Church Used as Barn

March 16, 2014 Featured News
The Armenian church in the village of Korlu, Çatak district, 18 miles from Van. (Photo: DHA)

Hurriyet Daily News - 16/3/14 VAN (Hurriyet Daily News)—An historical structure in the western Armenian province of Van, in modern day Turkey, which once was an Armenian church, has been converted into a hayloft after serving as a school for some time. Villagers fill the former church in the Korlu village of the Çatak district, 18 […]

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Turkey Returns Less Than Half of Assyrian Monastery’s Land it Seized

March 14, 2014 Featured News

World Watch Monitor – 14/3/14 The Turkish Ministry of EU Affairs welcomed March 2 the returnof property, seized by the country’s treasury, to the world’s oldest Syriac Orthodox monastery, Mor Gabriel. In February, the head of the Mor Gabriel Religious Foundation, Kuryakos Ergun, received the property deeds to 12 plots of land totaling 244,000 square metres, […]

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