Syriac Christians

Syriac Christians of Qamishli Rally to Protect their Church from Kurdish Occupiers

August 29, 2018 Featured

Idto Suryoyto Treeysath Shubho-Syriac Orthodox – 29/8/18 Syriac Christians of Qamishli (a city in northeastern Syria) rally inside the Church of Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) to protect it from Kurdish occupiers. Source:

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“Severus of Antioch” Symposium

May 28, 2018 News

Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate – 28/5/18 For the 1500 Jubilee of the Exile of Patriarch Mor Severus the Great to Egypt, the Department of Syriac Studies at the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch held a Symposium on the great Saint entitled: “Severus of Antioch” on May 25, 2018 at the Patriarchal Residence in Atchaneh – Lebanon. His […]

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Sermons Delivered by Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II in Germany

October 26, 2017 Featured

Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate – 26/10/17 Speech of His Holiness Mor Ignatius Aphrem II – Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church at the opening assembly of the “Christianity in the Middle East: Challenges and the Future” Conference on October 20, 2017, in Berlin Your Holinesses, Eminences, Graces, Very […]

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Assyrian Female Fighters Take on the Islamic State in Syria

December 13, 2015 Featured News
Assyrian Christian Lucia, member of the battalion called the "Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers" fighting the Islamic State group, plays with a dog during a training on December 1, 2015 at their camp in the town of al-Qahtaniyah, near the Syrian-Turkish border (aka Kabre Hyore in Syriac, and Tirbespi in Kurdish) (AFP/DELIL SOULEIMAN).

By Delil Souleiman – December 2015 HASAKAH, Syria (AFP) — Babylonia has no regrets about leaving behind her two children and her job as a hairdresser to join a Christian female militia battling against the Islamic State group in Syria. The fierce-looking 36-year-old in fatigues from the Syriac Christian minority in the northeast believes she […]

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OCP Secretary “Making Fun of Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II & Syriac Orthodox Christians Unacceptable”

December 8, 2015 Featured News
OCP Delegation holds historic meeting with Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II at Puthenkurish in February 2015.

OCP News Service – 8/12/15 Read – SOME PERSECUTED MINORITIES ARE FUNNY: Read – OCP Delegation holds the historic meeting with Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II at Puthenkurish Global: George Alexander -Secretary & Spokesperson of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE  (Pan-Orthodox Christian Movement) said that  the comments made by Stephen Colbert (American comedian, writer, producer, actor, […]

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A Glimpse Into the World of Syria’s Assyrian Fighters – Video Report

July 9, 2014 Featured News

By Rozh Ahmad 9/7/14 Syriac [Assyrian] Christians are generally considered to fear Islamic rebels and therefore unconditionally back Assad’s regime, but this is not the case in the predominantly Kurdish autonomous cantons commonly known as “Rojava”, where they have their own armed forces, rule their districts and advocate coexistence as an “alternative” to the […]

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Syriac Christians, Kurds Boost Cooperation in Syria

June 22, 2013 Featured News

  Andrea Glioti for Al-Monitor  – 22/6/13 QAMISHLI – Over the last months the Syrian government has encouraged the activities of ethnonationalist parties and the formation of sectarian security branches, such as the Kurdish Asayish and the Syriac/Assyrian Christian Sutoro. These ethnic minorities immediately took the chance to voice their demands, but some of their representatives […]

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Legal Issues Cast Doubt on Return of Christians to Turkey’s Southeast

October 29, 2012 Featured News

Syriac Christian monks attend a service in Mor Gabriel monastery in southeastern Turkey. Dorian Jones 26/10/2012 MOR GABRIEL, TURKEY — Turkey is home to Syriac Christians, whose followers extend across the Middle East. In the 1990s, many Syriac Christians fled Turkey during years of fighting between the Turkish state and Kurdish rebels. In the last […]

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Syriac Christians to get first church in Istanbul

October 6, 2011 Featured News
Prominent Syriac community leader, Kenan Altınışık (C) says the construction is set to begin as soon as suitable lands for the new church building are allotted.

Vercihan Ziflioğlu ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News 5/10/2011 Turkey’s Syriac Christian community has secured approval from officials for the construction of its first church. The church, planned to be constructed in the Yeşilköy neighborhood, is expected to host 17,000 Syriacs who live in Istanbul After years of tussling and hairsplitting, Turkey’s Syriac Christian community has secured […]

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Giulio Paletta’s photographs of Tur Abdin

September 30, 2010 News

On Monday, 27 September, His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Rowan Williams) opened an exhibition of photographs of Tur Abdin by the Italian photo-journalist, Giulio Paletta. Tur Abdin in south-east Turkey has been the home of Syriac Christians since the ealy days of the church and these villages were once the flourishing centre of […]

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