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Our Lady and Savior: Sweden Makes Jesus Gender Neutral

December 31, 2017 Featured

Sputniknews – 31/12/17 A church in Sweden has decided that referring to Jesus as “he” is too limiting, and has sought to “broaden” the appeal of God by making Jesus more inclusive and gender-neutral. In a recent Christmas advertisement produced by the Church of Sweden, Jesus no longer possesses the antiquated gender pronoun “he”. Rather, “hen”, a gender neutralinnovation […]

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Church of Sweden Caught Sheltering Illegal Migrants Amid Projected Influx

August 29, 2017 News
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Sputniknews – 29/8/17 The Church of Sweden has landed in an ethic dispute after a police raid unearthed its practice of sheltering illegal migrants. While the church officials accused the police of using them as bait, the police retorted that no one was exempt from Swedish law, not even a house of God. Over the […]

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