Oh, Lord! Church of Sweden Drops Male God For the Sake of Inclusion

November 26, 2017 Featured

Sputniknews – 26/11/17 In a bid to become more inclusive, the Church of Sweden has voted to adopt a new handbook that advocates discarding masculine references to God, such as “he” and “Lord.” Amid scathing criticism, the Church of Sweden has approved the new controversial and gender-neutral handbook by a large majority. The new guidelines, which are a […]

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Church of Sweden Slammed for Offering Job to Murderer, Mocking Jesus

November 6, 2017 Featured

Sputniknews – 6/11/17 The Church of Sweden has triggered criticism from its worshippers by offering a job to a former pastor convicted of murder and a meant-to-be-humorous tweet featuring Jesus, which many found offensive. Former pastor Helge Iversen (previously known as Fossmo), who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the solicitation of the murder of his wife in 2004, has been offered […]

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Church of Sweden Caught Sheltering Illegal Migrants Amid Projected Influx

August 29, 2017 News
CC0 / jubild

Sputniknews – 29/8/17 The Church of Sweden has landed in an ethic dispute after a police raid unearthed its practice of sheltering illegal migrants. While the church officials accused the police of using them as bait, the police retorted that no one was exempt from Swedish law, not even a house of God. Over the […]

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Assyrian Football Teams in Sweden Tell of a Changing Community

July 8, 2017 News
Assyriska FF in Södertälje, Sweden was founded in 1974 by Assyrian refugees from the Middle East. ( Assyriska)

AINA – 8/7/17 Stockholm (AINA) — The Assyrian community in Sweden is perhaps best known for the football team Assyriska FF, established in the town of Södertälje the year 1974, which became the first immigrant club to climb to the top of the Swedish football league.Few people outside Sweden know that several other Assyrian football […]

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Swedish PM tells priests to carry out same-sex marriages ‘or do something else’

June 26, 2017 Featured
© Enrique Castro-Mendivil / Reuters

RT.com – 26/6/17 Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has suggested that all Church of Sweden priests be compelled to perform gay marriages, despite the Lutheran church’s position that clergy members should have the right to refuse. Same-sex weddings have been legal in Sweden since 2009, although priests can decline to carry out these ceremonies under […]

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Assyrian Genocide Documentary to Be Aired in Cyprus

March 8, 2017 Featured
In this 1919 photo released by the Armenian National Archives shows victims of the "Great Slaughter" in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. The sign reads: Some of the Armenians, who were killed and brought to the Armenian Relief Hospital during the massacre of Feb. 28th 1919 at Aleppo. Violence against Armenian centers in eastern regions of the dying Ottoman Empire spiked over the summer 1915. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians deemed subversive to the empire _ as many as 1.5 million, by many accounts _ died in what is today eastern Turkey.Most were driven into the deserts of Syria and Iran, over the mountains into the southern Caucasus, into disease and starvation, hounded and attacked by maurauding soldiers, Turkish and others.(AP Photo/Armenian National Archives, HO)

AINA – 8/3/17 Stockholm (AINA) — Cypriotic state broadcaster CYBY has announced it will air the documentary film “Seyfo 1915 – The Assyrian Genocide” on March 8 on the RIK2 channel. The documentary had its premiere in 2015, marking the centennial commemoration of the Assyrian genocide. The film sparked headlines in 2016 when it was revealed […]

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‘Thursdays in Black’ campaign gets boost as Ahmedabad Diocese clergymen under Metropolitan Mar Yulios takes part in WCC campaign

February 25, 2017 Featured

Indian Orthodox Malankara Church –  25/2/17 – WCC – Indian Orthodox Malankara Church  AHMEDABAD, India: The Geneva-based World Council of Churches (WCC) has prominently featured Indian Orthodox Diocese of Ahmedabad (ODA) Metropolitan HG Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios and the diocesan clergymen for this week’s #ThursdaysinBlack campaign. The Metropolitan and the clergy have expressed their […]

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Pan-Oriental Orthodox Fellowship of St. Jacob Baradaeus & the Return to Orthodoxy

February 4, 2017 Support Missions

Visit – http://returntoorthodoxy.com/ FB PAGE – https://www.facebook.com/returntoorthodoxy To join the Fellowship of St. Jacob Baradaeus – or to submit material to the site – please visit: http://returntoorthodoxy.com/contact/ It is the unfortunate truth that in the modern day the Oriental Orthodox Churches have proven permeable (to one degree or another, depending upon the jurisdiction) to the influence of […]

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Swedish non-religious majority gets faith symbol-free cemetery

October 22, 2016 Featured News

Rt.com – 21/10/16 The Borlänge locality in central Sweden has opened the country’s first cemetery with no religious symbols allowed. Nearly eight Swedes out of 10 say they are not religious or are active atheists. The idea that non-religious people should have a place for their final rest with no religious symbols on gravestones came […]

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Lutheran Swedes to Cough Up Millions of Kronor for Papal Visit

October 15, 2016 Featured News

Sputniknews – 15/10/16 Despite being a Lutheran nation in the periphery of the Catholic world, Sweden is proud to welcome Pope Francis in late October. The short papal visit to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is expected to last only a few hours, yet will cost Swedish tax-payers millions of kroner. Despite Pope […]

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Assyrian Confederation of Europe Elects President

October 13, 2016 Featured News
Ms Attiya Gamri, a former member of a Dutch provincial parliament, has been elected president of the Assyrian Confederation of Europe for a three term.

AINA – 13/10/16 Gothenburg, Sweden (AINA) — Assyrians in Europe concluded the first Assyrian European Convention, held on October 8 and 9 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The convention saw the election of the first ever president for the Assyrian Confederation of Europe (ACE), an umbrella organization for Assyrian national federations in the different European countries. Ms […]

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Assyrians in Europe to Gather for Inaugural Convention

September 19, 2016 Featured News

AINA- September 2016 Stockholm (AINA) — Assyrians in Europe will gather for a pan-European convention for the first time on October 8 and 9. The convention will take place in the city of Gothenburg in the Swedish west-coast. The program includes seminars, work shops, key note speeches by special guests and a fund-raising gala. The […]

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Swedes Demand Assyrian Autonomy to Make Up for Daesh Genocide

August 12, 2016 Featured News

Sputniknews – August 2016 After having established a quasi-state in the Middle East, Daesh has been guilty of many evils, including persecution of other ethnic groups, whose religious beliefs happen to differ from radical Islam, such as the Assyrians. A group of Swedish politicians now advocate the creation of a local Assyrian autonomy to prevent future genocides. Sweden […]

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Swedish Evangelical Church to Bomb Daesh With Bibles

August 9, 2016 Featured News

Sputniknews – August 2016 A Swedish evangelical free church admittedly has plans to use drones to “bomb” Daesh-controlled areas in Iraq with thousands of Bibles. Plans to disseminate thousands of small-scale electronic Bibles in Daesh-controlled areas in Iraq using high-altitude drones were presented by the Livets Ord organization at a meeting in Uppsala. “The Bibles are the size of a pill box and […]

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Familienfest in Mor Jacob of Sarough Monastery in Warburg

July 10, 2016 Featured News

Syriac Orthodox Church – July 2016 Holy Qurobo in Familienfest in Warburg His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II attended the different functions of the ‘Familienfest’, a special day for families organized at Mor Jacob of Sarough Monastery in Warburg, Germany. The Familienfest included several activities and events. The Syriac families from different cities in […]

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Ye of Little Faith: Swedish Church Officials Enjoy Luxurious Trips Abroad

June 1, 2016 Featured News

www.sputniknews.com – 1/6/16 In recent years, the Church of Sweden has been rapidly losing its flock and the astonishing new revelations about church politicians and high-ranking priests spending tax-payers’ money on expensive trips abroad will not bring any new inductees to the Church of Sweden any time soon. Football in England, expensive dinners at celebrity restaurants, well-known holiday […]

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Turkey Attempted to Stop Broadcast of Assyrian Genocide Documentary

April 27, 2016 Featured News

By Bar Daisan – April 2016 (AINA) — The Turkish Embassy in Sweden officially asked the Swedish television channel TV4 last week to not air a documentary on the Assyrian Genocide. The documentary Seyfo 1915 — The Assyrian Genocide by the director Aziz Said and produced by the Assyrian Federation of Sweden was scheduled to […]

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Assyrian Confederation of Europe Established in Brussels

April 26, 2016 Featured News
Members of the Assyrian Confederation of Europe meeting in Brussels. ( AINA)

April 2016 Brussels (AINA) — On April 22nd, the Assyrian Confederation of Europe was officially established at the European Parliament in Brussels. The new organization is meant to unify the voice of the 500,000 thousand Assyrians living in Europe by bringing together the Assyrian national federations from several EU countries. The Confederation currently comprises the […]

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Holier Than Thou: Danes Leaving the Church in Hordes

April 9, 2016 Featured News

wwwsputniknews.com – April 2016 A recent campaign by the Danish Atheist Society to encourage members of the Church of Denmark to desert their faith has resulted in a massive exodus across the country, leaving baffled priests counting the losses. The Danish Atheist Society (Ateistisk Selskab) has been appealing to the hearts and minds of their fellow Danes by placing […]

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Abandon Ship: Church of Sweden Rapidly Losing Its Congregation

March 30, 2016 Featured News
Stockholm metro train on a metro bridge.

www.sputniknews.com – March 2016 Easter is the Church of Sweden’s most important holiday, but the members are diminishing in numbers, forcing the Church authorities to close down churches, reduce the clergy and sell real estate, according to the program Ekot on Swedish Radio. Last year alone, 67,000 people left the Church, which is equivalent to a loss […]

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Help to Build an Orthodox Stave Church in Sweden

March 8, 2016 Featured News
Father Deacon Mikael Fälthammar

www.gofundme.com – March 2016 – Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All East Please donate by visiting below link https://www.gofundme.com/5n4cq4c24g Sweden: This Campaign is owned by Father Deacon Mikael Fälthammar of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch. I am (Rafie) only running this campaign due to technological Reasons. You will find Fr. Deacon Mikael’s contacts at the […]

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