Sierra Leone

Fr. Themi Adamopoulo – 10 Years of the Sierra Leone Orthodox Mission

October 14, 2018 Featured

Neos Kosmos – 14/10/18 Please visit below link for more details: Sierra Leone and Australia: Worlds Apart Back in Australia for a series of fundraising events, we spoke with Fr. Themis Adamopoulos to get an update on his Mision in Sierra Leone. Following a three day journey, missionary Father Themis Adamopoulos is back in his […]

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2016 Melbourne Fundraising High Tea for the Orphans of the Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone

May 19, 2016 Featured News – May 2016 Visit to Donate We will be hosting this at the same venue as last year being the Tay Creggan Ballroom in Hawthorn, on Sunday the 22nd May 2016 at 2.30pm. Your support and attendance would be greatly welcomed as we continue to raise funds for the orphans of Sierra Leone. All […]

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Diamonds of love and sacrifice from the Lion Mountain Range

November 14, 2015 Featured News

Orthodox Mission Fraternity -2015 Going through the most joyful period of the year, that is, the Easter period, my mind and heart cannot help overflowing with joy, hope and nostalgia, since they are still on the missionary division of Sierra Leone, just one month after my return. It’s there that I experienced the moving adventure […]

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Missionary tour in West Africa

September 12, 2015 Featured News
Infant cleaning by the Prevention Service against Ebola CC-BY United Nations Photo

Orthodox Mission Fraternity – September 2015 Since the day the worst outbreak of Ebola struck West Africa, the few airlines that flew there have greatly limited the number of their flights. Others felt it right to suspend air travel to West Africa because the cabin crew refused to put themselves at risk due to the […]

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May 22, 2015 Featured News

+ (Archimandrite) Themistocles Adanopoulos Eve of the Ascension (20 / 5 / 15) About four years ago we baptized Anita Mustafa into the Orthodox Church, here in Sierra Leone. We gave her a new name – Anna. As a natural leader, Anna quickly became a leader in our Cathedral Choir and a shining light among […]

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Rev Fr Themi – Back to the streets of the poor in Sierra Leone

April 20, 2015 Featured News

April 2015 Visit Paradise for Kids: DONATE HERE: Just a few days ago, Fr Themi walked the streets of New York, or as he puts it “Another Planet”, searching for people to help him help the poor. Today, he walks the streets of Sierra Leone, the planet that he lives on, helping the poor. Join […]

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Ebola Orphanage

March 2, 2015 Featured News

February-March 2015 Hi Louis and Friends of the Mission in Sierra Leone The blessings of Christ be with you. For over a year now I remained in Sierra Leone without departing temporarily for the usual fund raising events in Australia or Greece – I have almost forgotten what it is like to live in a […]

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Fr Themi presents 1 Container of Rice to the President of Sierra Leone

March 2, 2015 Featured News

March 2015 On the way to the Airport for his trip to New York, Fr Themi meets the Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma, to officially hand over one container of Rice for the governments use in helping feed EBOLA victims. Local News picked up the story and below is the piece that ran on […]

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Je suis Chrétien

January 30, 2015 Featured News

30/1/15 Really, what does it mean to be a “Christian”? What does the property of Christian that each of us acquire from the moment of our baptism mean? Or even what does the confession “I am a Christian” cost? A Christian is he who believes in the Savior Christ, in Him who gave us the redemption from […]

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Celebrating the New Year in a War Zone

January 16, 2015 Featured News

  January 2015 Except for going to church services all the population of Sierra Leone was instructed to stay home during the Christmas and New Year holidays. We are currently under a semi – lockdown mode for the Festive Season. No restaurants, no sporting events, no public celebrations, no wedding receptions, no street celebrations, all […]

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Ebola Strikes At Orthodox Mission Sierra leone : Father Themi Loses a beloved co worker to the deadly virus

January 10, 2015 Featured News
Goodbye Moses

Rev Fr Themi Adams – 10/1/2015 Yesterday (7/1/15) one of our mission workers passed away of suspected EBOLA. A man that loved his family and felt the responsibility to provide for them. He dreamed of moving his wife and 3 children out of their little one bedroom rental, into their own 2 bedroom with a […]

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2014: a missionary year in review

January 2, 2015 Featured News

Orthodox Missionary Fraternity – Januray 2015 2014 has been a very important year for the Orthodox Missions worldwide. The global financial crisis significantly reduced -for yet another year- the funds donated to the Missions, while at the same time the latter moved dynamically towards a future of self-preservation and self-sufficiency. Thousands were the catechumens who joined the […]

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Celebrating Christmas & New Year in a War Zone – Fr Themis Christmas Message

December 20, 2014 Featured News

OCP News Service- December- 2014- January 2015 Lock-Down Mode Festive Season In Sierra Leone Due to Ebola Crisis “Our nation is at war with a vicious enemy.” (E.B. Koroma, President of Sierra Leone, 17 / 12 / 14). Support Fr Themi to fight Ebola here:  Except for going to church services all the population of Sierra Leone […]

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Emergency Supplies provided to Ebola affected areas in Sierra Leone

December 10, 2014 Featured News

+Rev Themi Adamopoulo – December 2014 Visit to Support Fr Themi here: A few days ago the first of what I am promised will be one of many containers of emergency food supplies. This container was paid for by Paradise 4 Kids AU, compiled by the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity and its mission minded followers in […]

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Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and the Orthodox Mission

November 18, 2014 Featured News

November 2014 Ebola and the Rainy Season It is very early morning here in Freetown. It is dark. Everything is quiet. Only a few hours ago the whole city was experiencing bright lightening flashes with earth shaking thunder which sounded like canon fire exploding in the air. The rain was torrential. This is the rainy […]

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Some mornings when I wake up with a sniffle or a symptom of any type, I think to myself “this is it, I have EBOLA” – Fr Themi Adams

October 28, 2014 Featured News

Fr Themi Adams – 28/10/14 Sierra Leone – West Africa. Emergency UPDATE from Fr Themi Adamopoulo From the Epicenter of the Ebola crisis. Christ be with you. It is very early morning here in Freetown. Everything is quiet and I’m reviewing the missions auditors report, which has been sent to you. Only a few hours […]

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Support the shipment of humanitarian aid to Sierra Leone : Help the Mission of Fr Themi Adams

October 6, 2014 Featured News
Rev Fr Themi Adams

October 2014 Visit and Support – Paradise for kids If we were to define misery, we would hardly find the words. But if we have a look at what’s happening in Africa, then we can see misery appearing in all its splendor. Pictures from Sierra Leone are shocking; thousands of people are stacked on top […]

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Fr Themi Adams meets with president of Sierra leone Dr E.B.Korama to resolve Ebola Crisis

September 11, 2014 Featured News

+Rev Fr Themi Adams – 10/9/14 Visit and make your valuable Donation to fight Ebola  – Free Town: On Tuesday 9th of September we had the privilege of being granted a meeting with the President of Sierra Leone – Dr. E.B. Koroma. The meeting was held at the Presidential Office at Statehouse. The meeting was programmed […]

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Fr Themi Adams – The Rock Star Turned Orthodox Missionary Priest : His Life & Fight against the deadly Ebola in Sierra Leone

September 6, 2014 Featured News

The Life of a Missionary By Sofia Katsareli – News 24-7, Greece English Translation by Peter Souleles Edited by Wid Bastian Republished by OCP Media Network with Permission – 6/9/14 The life of Father Themi Adamopoulos contains the lives of many people. In his youth he was a rock star who performed on the same […]

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Urgent Appeal: The disabled in Sierra Leone are in danger of Ebola

August 22, 2014 Featured News

22/8/14 DONATE: Five months ago, an Ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic outbroke in Western African countries (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone). More than 1,600 people have been infected with the deadly virus and more than 1 in 2 of them died within a handful of days because of profuse bleeding. Ebola virus is transmitted through contact with blood […]

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The Orthodox Mission in the Midst of the Ebola Outbreak

August 21, 2014 Featured News

+ Archmandrite Themistocles Adamopoulos Freetown – 20/8/14 I find myself situated in a quasi – apocalyptic End Time scenario of which I would never have imagined could be possible. I am in the midst of the deadliest outbreak of Ebola so far in human medical history. Freetown, the bustling capital of Sierra Leone and the […]

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