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The Fight for the Christian Cross in Bavaria

May 3, 2018 Featured

Manfred Karl Böhm (Editor- Christian Affair – Europe) OCP News Service – 3/5/18 Bavaria- Germany: In Germany, there are a lot of ongoing debates on the public display of the crucifix. The Prime Minister of the Free State of Bavaria Markus Söder has issued a decree according to which crosses should be installed in all […]

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Uniates and Roman Catholics bring Liturgical Abuse and Sacrilege to Ukraine

November 11, 2017 Featured

Orthodox Church – 11/11/17 Video by UOJ I Union of Orthodox Journalists. Further Rome’s errors of Vatican II enter Ukraine via Roman-Catholic church and Uniates, “Byzantine Christians” in communion with Rome. Source:

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The True Message of Fatima?

May 14, 2017 Featured

Orthodox England – May 2017 Introduction In six visions over a period of six months in 1917 three peasant children from a Portuguese village were told by the Mother of God of the destiny of a country called Russia. These shepherd children, who had never been to Lisbon, let alone heard of Russia, came to hear […]

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Three Popes & a Patriarch & the Impossible task of Orthodox Christian Unity

May 5, 2017 Featured

George Alexander – Dept. of Church Research and Studies – Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE – OCP News Service  Buy the Second Edition of ‘Orthodox Dilemma’ – a unique book on Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar Unity Some thoughts Great gesture of ecumenism in Egypt between Pope Tawadros II and Pope Francis. Both Prelates signed documents to mutually recognize […]

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April 3, 2017 Featured – 3/4/17 According to the 2014 Republic of Moldova census, 96.8% of its citizens identify as Orthodox Christians. This represents a 1.3% increase over the 2004 census, reports Orthodox Moldova. The census data was just released at a press conference on March 31, three years after it was collected. The next largest religious group […]

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Group of Roman Catholics in Argentina Convert to Orthodoxy

November 24, 2016 Featured News
Metropolitan Ignaty of Argentina and South America

JourneytoOrthodoxy – 24/11/16 A group of Catholics in Argentine decide to convert in Orthodoxy after Patriarch Kirill’s sermon. A collective of the Caritas charitable organization in Argentinian Curuzu decided to adopt Orthodoxy as they were deeply impressed by Patriarch Kirill’s sermon during his tour to Latin America this February. “During the patriarch’s visit he (a Caritas […]

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June 11, 2016 Featured News

Met. Hierotheos Vlachos – June 2016 The Great and Holy Council, which is due to gather in June of 2016 in Crete, was “the expectation” of many whose vision it was, and who tired in order to prepare for it, and now the Council finally moves towards its convocation. The question here put forth is whether […]

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February 26, 2016 Featured News

26/2/16 Mitrophan Lodyzhensky During my prayer two great lights appeared before me (deux grandes lumibres m’ont ete montrees)—one in which I recognized the Creator, and another in which I recognized myself. —Francis’ own words about his prayer He (Fr Serge) thought about the fact that he was a burning lamp, and the more he felt […]

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February 21, 2016 Featured News

Orthodox England – Archpriest Andrew Phillips – 21/1/16 Archpriest Andrew Phillips in Colchester, England answers some comments on the recent meeting of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and Pope Francis in Havana, and offers thoughts on the coming Great Council in June. Below we quote comments from a letter from a correspondent in Wales. We quote […]

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Champions of the Reunion Movement in India – Metropolitan Alvares Julius & Padre Rock Lopez Nuronah Beatified

December 7, 2015 Featured News
Saintly Padre Rock Lopez Nuronah (L) & Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius

Dr. Ajesh T Phillip – OCP Delegate of the Indian Sub-Continent OCP News Service – 7/12/15 Visit MARP (Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project) Read Holy Brahmavar: Saintly Padre Rock. Lopez Nuronah – The Unsung Hero of the Orthodox Reunion Movement in India Read the Article in Glastonbury Review Beatification ceremony Report and […]

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From Baptist to Byzantium

September 2, 2015 Featured News
Joslyn and Adam

Joslyn ‘Josie’ Ramey- September 2015 Orthodox Christian Resource Center- Dept. of Church Research & Studies Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE My conversion story to Holy Orthodoxy is not, in fact, not so much a story, but rather a pilgrimage of Grace. It has been a long road and, the more I travel, the more I realize what […]

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The Fundamental Difference Between the “East” and “West”

April 29, 2015 Featured News
The Fundamental Difference Between the

Professor John Romanides – April 2015 What follows is a heavily excerpted and slightly edited transcript of three lectures given by the great Orthodox scholar John S. Romanides in 1981 at Holy Cross Seminary in the Patriarch Athenagoras Memorial Lecture series. This article deals with the fundamental difference between Orthodoxy and Western Christianity, mainly Roman […]

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Patriarch Kirill: Orthodox and Roman Catholics belong to different nations with different ancient traditions where they should focus on their own business and should not knock about in others’ yards

March 12, 2015 Featured News

12/3/15 READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE: ” And as for comparisons between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman-Catholic believers, they are unrewarding and devoid of meaning by and large. They belong to different nations with age-old different traditions. Why the Great Schism – the separation between the Western and Eastern Churches — occurred (in the early Middle […]

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Roman Catholics in Serbia under the jurisdiction of Croatian bishops serve mass for Stepinac who was involved in Holocaust

February 11, 2015 Featured News
mise-u-nisu (1)

    Grey Carter – 11/2/15 Imagine service and mass for ‘saint Hitler’ in Israel! There’s no such a thing as Saint Hitler’s associate! Croatia, Vatican and clergy to stop glorification of a mass murderer, Stepinac! The schedule of servises in Roman Catholic church: A mass for HOLY Aloisuis Stepinac is to be served on February 10, […]

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Thousands of Roman Catholics Continue to Join Syriac Orthodox Church in Guatemala

October 27, 2014 Featured News
Mor Titus  &  Mor Yacoub Edward

Ann Marai Husser (OCP Delegate of North & South America) OCP News Service – 27/10/14 More photos here: Visit the Guatemalan Archdiocese website here: Also visit the Mayan Eastern Orthodox Church here:  Guatemala City: Large numbers of Roman Catholics are joining the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch and All East in the country. It is […]

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Roman Catholics spreading “prayer books of a revolutionary” on Maidan

February 12, 2014 Featured News

February 2014 Roman Catholics are stoking the passions on the Maidan in Kiev, states the head of press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Vasily Anisimov, reports Interfax-Religion. Maidan is being spiritually guided by Uniates, schismatics, and sectarians, according to Vasily Anisimov. “The degree of their leaders’ hatred of often goes beyond limits. Even Vladimir […]

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“There’s more unity than differences with Roman Catholics”

June 5, 2013 News

TANJUG – 5/6/13 NIŠ — Serbian Patriarch Irinej has said that there was “much more that unites us with the Roman Catholic Church,” compared to that which stands in between. “We’ve always been close and lately it is even intensified, and we want to move away those the moments that keep us apart,” the Serbian […]

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“Differences with Roman Catholics should be overcome”

October 12, 2012 News

NIN, Tanjug 12/10/2012 BELGRADE — Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Patriarch Irinej has spoken in favor of Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI visiting Serbia, Belgrade-based NIN weekly reported. The head of the Serbian Church also believes it was “high time the many unnecessary disputes and differences” that the SPC had with other Christian denominations, “particularly with […]

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Roman Catholics continue accusing Russian Orthodox Church of Collaborating with Communist Regimes

March 24, 2012 Featured News

24/3/2012 Ecumenical relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Eastern-rite Ukrainian Orthodox Church are being stymied because the Moscow patriarchate will not admit its culpability for cooperating with Stalinist regime.The Moscow patriarchate’s unwillingness to acknowledge moral responsibility for cooperating in the persecution is “a serious obstacle to the development of mutual relations. The ability […]

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Roman Catholics will Penetrate into Orthodox Christian Hubs in Serbia

March 24, 2012 Featured News
(Fr. Mirko Stefkovic, Secretary of the Bishop of Subotica, Serbia)

24/3/2012 Vatican view Serbian entry into European Union as an opportunity to spread Roman Catholic dominance into the country. They will use it to penetrate into Orthodox Christian hubs in Serbia and manipulate the situation in complete favor of Vatican imperial agenda. “In Serbia, the Catholic Church has been through a considerable amount of …

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Are Belarusians Fundamentally Rural Orthodox Christians?

February 6, 2012 News

5/2/2012 The vast majority of the Belarusian population is urban – only 25 percent live in rural areas. Most residents of Belarus are not religious. Although the majority would say they are Christian Orthodox, they usually neither go to the church nor observe religious rites. As far as acting delivers is concerned, the difference between […]

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