Report on Assyrians Under Kurdish Rule in Northeastern Syria

January 31, 2017 Featured News

Assyrian Confederation of Europe – 31/1/17 Syria’s disintegration as a result of the Syrian Civil War created the conditions for the rise of Kurdish autonomy in northern Syria, specifically in the governorates of Al-Hasakah and Aleppo. This region, known by Kurds as ‘Rojava’ (‘West’, in West Kurdistan), came under the control of the Kurdish socialist Democratic […]

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PYD Impose Kurdish Education Curricula on Assyrians, Arabs in Syria

May 25, 2016 Featured News
Teacher Jacob Lahmo explains Assyrians fonts. The language of the Assyrian Christians is now taught again in Syria but its speakers fear being marginalized. ( Sebastian Backhaus/Welt)

By Bar Daisan – May 2016 (AINA) — The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is the Syrian branch of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) from Turkey, and some attached allied non-Kurdish groups, declared a so-called autonomous federation in the northern part of Syria in March 2016. The PYD was strengthened by support from […]

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Assyrian Organizations Issue Joint Statement on Human Rights Violations in North-east Syria

November 11, 2015 Featured News

(AINA) — Six Assyrian organizations have issued a statement addressing the human rights violations occurring in areas controlled by the PYD Kurdish party in Syria (AINA 2015-11-02). The statement focuses on three areas of concern: illegal seizure of property, forced conscription and threats, pressure and targeted killings. The statement was signed by Assyrian organizations from […]

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