Pope Shenouda

Sectarianism and the Copts in revolutionary Egypt

July 2, 2013 News

Ali Gokpinar 1/7/13 The new pope, Pope Tawadros, realizes that his base has awakened and that he needs to establish his rule. Both the church and its Pope will be much more active and demanding in Egyptian politics.  Egypt is on the brink. Mohamed Morsi promised to be the president of all of the Egyptians […]

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City of Seven Hills, Ohio Designates Pope Shenouda III Street

June 26, 2013 Featured News

26/6/13 Bishoy M. Mikhail (Seven Hills, OH) – St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Seven Hills held a ceremony on Sunday, June 23, 2013, to dedicate the honorary street designation of Pope Shenouda III Street and Pope Shenouda III Museum. Because of his connection to Archpriest Fr. Mikhail Edward Mikhail and St. Mark’s, the Cities […]

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Egypt’s coptic church commemorates late Pope Shenouda

March 16, 2013 Featured News

Ahram Online – 9/3/13 Egypt’s church remembers late Pope Shenouda with three days celebration.Pope Tawadros II announced on Saturday that three days of celebrations will be held to commemorate the first anniversary of the late Pope Shenouda III, beginning on Friday. Pope Shenouda III, who was the head of the Coptic Orthodox church for 40 […]

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Bishop Tawadros new pope of Egypt’s Coptic Christians

November 4, 2012 Featured News

4/11/2012 Bishop Tawadros has been chosen as the new pope of Egypt’s Coptic Christians, becoming leader of the largest Christian minority in the Middle East. His name was selected from a glass bowl by a blindfolded boy at a ceremony in Cairo’s St Mark’s Cathedral. Three candidates had been shortlisted. The 60-year-old succeeds Pope Shenouda […]

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Egypt’s Coptic church chooses new pope

November 4, 2012 Featured News

  4/11/2012 CAIRO—Egypt’s ancient Coptic Christian church chose a new pope in an elaborate Sunday ceremony meant to invoke the will of God, in which a blindfolded boy drew the name of the next patriarch from a crystal chalice. Bishop Tawadros, 59, an aide to the acting pope, was selected to become Pope Tawadros II, […]

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Street named after Coptic Pope Shenouda III in Jersey City

October 24, 2012 Featured News

Charles Hack/The Jersey Journal 22/10/2012 Hundreds of Coptic Christians crowded the intersection of Bergen Avenue and Vroom Street in Jersey City yesterday afternoon, to witness the unveiling of a street sign in honor of Pope Shenouda III. Among those attending the ceremony to rename the intersection Pope Shenouda III Way were U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, […]

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Papal finalist elections on 29 October, name drawing on 4 November

October 17, 2012 Featured News

Al-Masry, Al-Youm 16/10/2012 The Coptic Orthodox Church has announced that the papal elections would be held on 29 October instead of 24 November, and that the final draw between candidates would take place on 4 November instead of 2 December. Bishop Paul, spokesperson for the papal nominations committee, said that there will be three days […]

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Calling for all Copts, NGOs form coordinating body outside church auspices

August 20, 2012 Featured News

Mohamed Elmeshad 20/8/2012 Spurred by what they see as an increasing tide of Islamization lead by the Muslim Brotherhood, 13 Coptic civil society and political activist groups decided to band together and create a coordinating body unattached to the church. Inaugurated last week, the Coptic Consultative Council is meant to work as a “unifying entity […]

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Pope Shenouda exhibition opens in Cairo

August 16, 2012 Featured News

Nevine El-Aref 16/8/2012 Abbaseya Cathedral hosts exhibition charting life of Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III, who died in March 2012. Christians have long flocked to Cairo’s awe-inspiring Abbaseya Cathedral to pray and attend religious services. They will now be joined by Muslims wanting to see the personal belongings of Pope Shenouda III, the 117th Coptic […]

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Coptic Orthodox Church reveals 17 candidates for Papal Seat

August 12, 2012 Featured News

Ahram Online 12/8/2012 The Church has unveiled its longlist of bishops and monks competing to succeed Pope Shenouda III later this year The acting head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church has released details of the 17 candidates in the running to become the next pope, according to a report on Ahram’s Arabic-language news website. Bishop […]

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14 candidates run for the Coptic Christian Papal Seat

May 1, 2012 Featured News
Interim Coptic pope Bishop Bakhomious at church press conference on presidential elections (Photo: Bassam El-Zoghby)

1/5/2012 A Coptic legal advisor announces that 14 bishops and priests from Egypt and abroad have nominated themselves for the papal chair, and that there may be a change in the lot system that makes the ultimate decision. Maged Riyad, legal consultant to the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United States, announced in a press […]

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3 candidates favoured for Coptic papal position: MENA

April 29, 2012 Featured News
Egyptian Bishops in front of Pope Shenouda III's coffin in his funeral "Photo:Reuters"

MENA 27/4/2012 The Egyptian Orthodox Church of Alexandria began receiving endorsements for the vacant position of pope on Friday from Bishops and the general congregation council. Judge Edward Ghaleb, a member of the Church’s general congregation council and candidacy committee told MENA that the committee was examining the endorsements in order to prepare a primary […]

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Egypt Christians hold Liturgy in memory of late Pope Shenouda III

April 27, 2012 Featured News

Ahram Online 25/4/2012 Ritual marking 40 days since death of popular pope to be held at Cairo’s Abbasiya Cathedral and St Bishoy Monastery. Liturgy to mark 40 days since the death of Pope Shenouda III will take place Wednesday at Cairo’s Abbassiya Cathedral and the St Bishoy Monastery in Wadi El-Natroun where the pope is […]

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Coptic Christians celebrate Easter without Pope Shenouda

April 17, 2012 Featured News
Pope Shenouda’s III died on March 17, leaving the Coptic community without its well-loved and active leader. (Reuters)

By CLAIRE READ AL ARABIYA CAIRO 17/4/2012 Coptic Christians celebrate gathered to celebrate Easter but this year’s celebrations have been more subdued out of respect for Pope Shenouda’s III passing. Easter Sunday festivities were canceled and the Saturday night vigil from the Coptic cathedral was not projected in the streets outside the other churches of […]

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The late Pope Shenouda still inspires Coptic Christians

April 14, 2012 Featured News

By Rev. Alexander Santora/For the Jersey Journal 12/4/2012 Orthodox Christians follow a different liturgical calendar than the rest of Christianity so today begins their Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Culminating with Easter is quite joyful but for the Coptic Orthodox it will be bittersweet this year. Their Patriarch of 40 years, […]

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WCC tribute to Pope Shenouda III and condolence message to the Coptic Orthodox Church

March 24, 2012 News

To the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church Geneva, 18 March 2011 Your Eminences and Graces, Respected members of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It is with great sadness and compassion for the Coptic Church and the people of Egypt that the World Council of Churches […]

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Message of condolences of the Patriarch of Romania at the passing away of Pope Shenouda III, Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church

March 23, 2012 News

Message of condolences of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel at the passing away of Pope Shenouda III, Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church: To His Eminence Metropolitan BISHOY, General Secretary of the Holy Synod, Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate Your Eminence, It is with deep Christian sorrow that we have learned of the passing away from this world, […]

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World pays tribute to Pope Shenouda

March 23, 2012 Featured News
Mourning: the body of Pope Shenouda III in state (above, left) observed by the faithful PA

Gerald Butt Middle East Correspondent 22/3/2012 MEMBERS of the ruling military council and cabinet ministers from Egypt, as well as Christian and Muslim representatives from around the world, attended the funeral on Tuesday of Pope Shenouda III, the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, who died last Saturday, aged 88. The Cathedral of St Mark […]

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Karekin II, Aram I Offer Condolences on Coptic Pope’s Death

March 23, 2012 Featured News

20/3/2012 ETCHMIADZIN, ANTELLIAS—His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of the All Armenians and His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia offered condolences on the passing of Pope Shenouda III the leader of Coptic Orthodox Christians. Both Armenian Church leaders will be sending a delegation to Pope Shenouda’s funeral, which is scheduled to […]

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Egypt’s next pope faces immense challenges

March 21, 2012 News

Yasmine Fathi 21/3/2012 “Egypt isn’t a country we live in, but a country that lives within us.” So said Egypt’s late Coptic Pope Shenouda III, in one of his better-known public statements. After heading Egypt’s Coptic Church since 1971, Shenouda passed away quietly on Saturday, putting millions of Christians into a state of mourning. A […]

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Updated:Funeral Snaps of Pope Shenouda from Cairo

March 20, 2012 Featured News
Thousands of Egyptian Christians stand watch on a giant screen the funeral of late Pope Shenouda III, the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church

20/3/2012 Pope Shenouda has been laid to rest at St Bishoy Monastery which is situated Cairo-Alexandria road in northern Egypt’s Wadi Al-Natroun region. Pope Shenouda III, an iconic figure for 40 years at the helm of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, was laid to rest Tuesday in a desert monastery after a moving funeral Mass at […]

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