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OCMC volunteers visit Indonesia

August 1, 2015 Featured News

July-August 2015 The Orthodox Diocese of Singapore and South Asia in cooperation with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center ran a program of religious education in Sumatra, Indonesia, from June 28 to July 12, 2015. Seven volunteers from the United States of America (Mr. Richard J. Mohr, Megan Haak, Mrs. Roberta Sardell, Presbytera Renee Ritsi, Maxim […]

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The Orthodox Mission in Nigeria, “Support Education – Combat Poverty”

March 6, 2015 Featured News

March 2015 The program of the Orthodox Mission in Nigeria, “Support Education – Combat Poverty”, which started a few years ago, includes the construction of a kindergarten and primary school in Karmem, a mountainous village of Benue state in Central Nigeria. The construction works began with the foundation of the school in May 2013 on […]

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New British Orthodox Mission begins in Swindon

January 29, 2015 Featured News
St Mary

January 2015 – The British Orthodox Church On Wednesday, 21st January, the first liturgy of the British Orthodox Community of St Martin in Swindon was celebrated in the Church of St Mary, Commonweal Road, Swindon. The Church had been made available thanks to the kind hospitality of the Dean of Swindon, the Revd. Simon Stevenette, […]

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Ebola Strikes At Orthodox Mission Sierra leone : Father Themi Loses a beloved co worker to the deadly virus

January 10, 2015 Featured News
Goodbye Moses

Rev Fr Themi Adams – 10/1/2015 Yesterday (7/1/15) one of our mission workers passed away of suspected EBOLA. A man that loved his family and felt the responsibility to provide for them. He dreamed of moving his wife and 3 children out of their little one bedroom rental, into their own 2 bedroom with a […]

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Orthodox Mission in the Kingdom of Tonga

December 26, 2014 Featured News

December 2014 Dear brothers, “Christ is born, give glory!” These words of the composer were heard in the far Tonga islands for the first time, this year. Their echo reaches every corner of Oceania. God enters the life and history of Pacific Islanders and the joy that He spreads to their pure souls is mirrored […]

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The fire of Pentecost in the Pacific islands

November 29, 2014 Featured News
Baptisms in Viti Levu, Fiji

November 2014 –  Diocese of New Zealand – Fiji  Dear brothers in Christ, members and associates of the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity, may the blessing and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. In the book of the Acts, chapter 16, we read that when Paul and his missionary team were in a region called […]

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Children of South Sudan

November 29, 2014 Featured News

Orthodox Mission in South Sudan – November 2014 South Sudan is the newest independent state in the world, formed in July 2011. The majority of its citizens is Christian, while Orthodox population is estimated to be a few thousands. With the blessing of His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, […]

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Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and the Orthodox Mission

November 18, 2014 Featured News

November 2014 Ebola and the Rainy Season It is very early morning here in Freetown. It is dark. Everything is quiet. Only a few hours ago the whole city was experiencing bright lightening flashes with earth shaking thunder which sounded like canon fire exploding in the air. The rain was torrential. This is the rainy […]

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Missionary steps in Sumatra

September 5, 2014 Featured News

September 2014 Dear friends of the Mission, Rejoice in the Lord! With God’s help we are well, and we are thankful for that. I have just returned from the island of Nias, where I offered my spiritual ministry for a few days. Of course, my dear brothers, I rarely manage to write to you due […]

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My blessed tour in Iringa – Orthodox Mission in Tanzania

August 30, 2014 Featured News

Sister Thekla – 30/8/14 With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrios of Irinoupolis, we came to Tanzania once again. After travelling for 10 hours from the capital into the jungle and after seeing various wild animals, we arrived at Kindamali, the Mission Center, where there are two churches, one of Saints Andronikos and Athanasia, […]

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How I met the Mother of all generations – Orthodox Mission in Indonesia

August 30, 2014 Featured News
Presbytera Elisabeth giving out gifts to pupils

  Presbytera Elizabeth Koamesakh–Manalu, Indonesia – 30/8/14 Before 1989 I knew nothing about the spiritual attitude of Orthodoxy toward the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. To me, like all Protestants, the name “Mary” was only related to the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord; as a result, no special honour or love was […]

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Urgent Appeal: The disabled in Sierra Leone are in danger of Ebola

August 22, 2014 Featured News

22/8/14 DONATE: Five months ago, an Ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic outbroke in Western African countries (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone). More than 1,600 people have been infected with the deadly virus and more than 1 in 2 of them died within a handful of days because of profuse bleeding. Ebola virus is transmitted through contact with blood […]

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The wealth of the Orthodox Mission in Madagascar

August 22, 2014 Featured News
Filling barrels with water brought by a lorry of the Mission

  August 2014 “Head north and you will bring honey on your head. Go east and you will carry milk in your hands. Move south and you will be satisfied with sugar. March west and you will walk supported by a sugar cane. ” Τhis is a traditional saying of the place of our ministry, […]

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Support the Orthodox Mission in Calcutta

August 22, 2014 Featured News

 August 2014 MAKE YOUR VALUABLE DONATION: India/Culcutta: Orthodox Mission in Calcutta goes on with plenty of difficulties due to lack of staff. There are great loads of work and those in charge are not in the best health condition, while new problems arise every day. However, we do not give up fighting and remain there […]

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The Orthodox Mission in the Midst of the Ebola Outbreak

August 21, 2014 Featured News

+ Archmandrite Themistocles Adamopoulos Freetown – 20/8/14 I find myself situated in a quasi – apocalyptic End Time scenario of which I would never have imagined could be possible. I am in the midst of the deadliest outbreak of Ebola so far in human medical history. Freetown, the bustling capital of Sierra Leone and the […]

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The Worst Part of the Ebola Storm : Fr Themi updates the world on the status of his Holy Orthodox Mission in Sierra Leone

August 15, 2014 Featured News
Crisis: A Médecins Sans Frontières medic treats a suspected Ebola patient in Kailahun, Sierra Leone (Photo: Daily Mail UK)

By Wid Bastian Special to ASSIST News Service – 15/8/14 Former rock star, Father Themi Adams, updates the world on the status of his Holy Orthodox Mission in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE (ANS) — Since the first outbreak in December of 2013, the Ebola crisis in West Africa has grown from a local, to a regional […]

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An Orthodox parish in Turkana desert (Photo-Video Report)

July 21, 2014 Featured News

The Alexandrian Orthodox Patriarchate Diocese of Kenya – Orthodox Mission in Africa – June – July 2014 On Sunday, June 22, 2014, HE the Metropolitan Makarios of Kenya consecrated a new church, dedicated to Apostle Peter, according to the will of American donors. As you know, in this region mostly inhabited by Africans of the […]

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Orthodox Mission in the Philippines – Exclusive

December 16, 2013 Featured News

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines Philippines Mission- 16/12/13 OCP News Service  Manila: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Mission Team in the Philippines is headed by Clergy Men of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian together with the lay partners in promoting the Orthodox faith in the Philippines. The Clergies are Fr. Rick Lawrence […]

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Orthodox Mission in Sierra Leone

December 4, 2013 Featured News

December 2013 People are born, live and die in unimaginable conditions We say our prayers, go to Church on Sundays, try our best to fulfil the commandments and we sincerely give thanks to God for all He blesses us with as we battle through life. Meanwhile, we worry about our security, fear for our children’s […]

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Violence Erupts At Orthodox Mission in Freetown Sierra Leone, which is run by a former Australian rock star

July 1, 2013 Featured News
Themi Adams, the courageous  Christian leader today

  By Dan Wooding – 30/6/13 Founder of ASSIST Ministries FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE (ANS) — A revolt broke out recently against the clergy and mission staff at Waterloo Mission in Sierra Leone, which is run by Brother Themi Adams, a former Australia rock star who once toured with the Rolling Stones. “Threats and attacks arose within the mission’s […]

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Greek Orthodox Mission faces setback

February 3, 2013 News

Saidu Bah – 3/2/13 The Greek Orthodox Mission in Sierra Leone has faced a serious setback after acquiring a 49 -year lease of the Dr. June Holst Ronnes Municipal School at Skye Street for development from the Freetown City Council. A recent report by Professor Gbamanja Commission of Inquiry has proved otherwise, stating that the […]

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