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‘Christ’ Banished as ‘Offensive’ From Swedish Number Plates

January 15, 2019 Featured

Sputniknews – 15/1/18 A Christian man who wanted to hail Jesus Christ with his number plate has been denied this opportunity by the Swedish Transport Agency, which admittedly bans all customised number plates that have to do with religion. Cesar Kisangani Makombe from Frölunda wanted “Christ” on his number plate but was turned down by the Transport Agency. “The […]

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Losing My Religion: Record Exodus From Church of Sweden

February 7, 2018 Featured

Sputniknews – 7/2/18 The dominant reason for the lapse from virtue is that people have simply ceased to believe in God, an internal church report commented on the record loss of membership amid financial irregularities and public controversies. Over the past two years the Church of Sweden has seen a record number of its flock leave the fold. In […]

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