Nineveh Plains

Palm Sunday celebrations mark revival of life in Qaraqosh

March 27, 2018 Featured
The Palm Sunday celebrations saw thousands of Christians take to the streets of Qaraqosh (World Watch Monitor)

Wordlwatchmonitor  – 27/3/18 For many Christian families in Qaraqosh, this Easter is particularly special, as they will be celebrating it at home for the first time since fleeing the city in 2014. The city, located in northern Iraq’s Nineveh Plains, was occupied by the Islamic State group for over three years before its liberation in […]

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Assyrian Americans Call for Iraqi Government Control of Nineveh Plains

October 24, 2017 Featured
The Nineveh Plains area in north Iraq. ( AINA)

AINA – 24/10/17 Chicago (AINA) — The Assyrian American National Federation (AANF), an umbrella organization for Assyrians in the United States, has issued a statement calling for Iraqi federal jurisdiction over the Nineveh Plains of Iraq, which the core of the Assyrian homelands in Iraq and home to hundreds of Assyrian towns and villages. The statement […]

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Assyrian Church of the East to Boycott EU Conference on Future of Nineveh Plains

June 29, 2017 Featured

AINA – 29/6/17 Brussels (AINA) — Sources close to the Assyrian Church of the East confirmed to Assyria-TV on Wednesday that the church will join the boycott against the conference on the future of the Nineveh Plain, hosted by Lars Adaktusson, Swedish member of the European parliament. The conference is being held in the EU-parliament […]

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Church Announces Survival Plan for Iraq’s Suffering Christians

February 1, 2017 News

By Murcadha O Flaherty and John Newton Aid to the Church in Need – 1/2/17 Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil has unveiled plans to provide a future for Iraq’s displaced Christians — despite fresh reports showing the extent of the destruction of their homes in the Nineveh Plains. Archbishop Warda said the Churches aim to rebuild […]

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Assyrian Organization Congratulates Trump, Calls Attention to ISIS Genocide

November 11, 2016 Featured News

11/11/16 (AINA) — The following letter was sent to President-elect Donald Trump by the American chapter of the Assyrian Universal Alliance. Dear President Elect Donald Trump, On behalf of the Assyrian Universal Alliance and its affiliate organizations I extend our heartfelt congratulations to you for your election as the President of the United States. You […]

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The Genocide of Assyrians and Yazidis and the Next American President

October 12, 2016 Featured News

AINA –  Nahren Anweya – 12/10/16 (AINA) — In November Americans will head to the polls to vote for his or her preferred presidential candidate. Meanwhile, the persecuted Assyrian Christians and Yazidis both here and in Iraq will be trembling at the mere thought of another four years of a silent administration allowing a modern […]

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Dutch Parliament Holds Hearing on Assyrians in Iraq

October 8, 2016 Featured News

AINA – 8/10/16 The Hague (AINA) — A hearing on the situation of Assyrians in Iraq was held at the Dutch Parliament on Thursday. Participants included representatives from seven Dutch political parties and three Assyrian representatives from Iraq, Ashur Sargon Eskrya, Yacoub Gewargis and Dr. Srood Maqdasi. The Assyrian representatives called attention to the continuing […]

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Assyrian Bishop: We Denounce Kurdish Curricula and Abuses

September 17, 2016 Featured News

AssyrianTV – September 2016 His excellence the Syriac Orthodox bishop of Gozarto, Syria, Maurice Amsih is visiting Sweden. Assyria TV asked him for an interview to tell about the current situation in Gozarto. Despite the difficulties of the war he is hopeful about a better life for the Assyrians and other inhabitants. He says the […]

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Swedes Demand Assyrian Autonomy to Make Up for Daesh Genocide

August 12, 2016 Featured News

Sputniknews – August 2016 After having established a quasi-state in the Middle East, Daesh has been guilty of many evils, including persecution of other ethnic groups, whose religious beliefs happen to differ from radical Islam, such as the Assyrians. A group of Swedish politicians now advocate the creation of a local Assyrian autonomy to prevent future genocides. Sweden […]

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Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President

May 28, 2016 Featured News

AINA – 28/5/16 (AINA) — Former Republican presidential candidate and current Senator from Arizona, John McCain, sent a letter to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani regarding Assyrians in the Kurdish region in north Iraq. In the letter, dated May 25, McCain expresses “…concerns regarding alarming new reports that allege the mistreatment of the Christian Assyrian community […]

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Assyrian Delegation in Washington to Press for Aid

May 19, 2016 Featured News

19/5/16 (AINA) — A delegation of Assyrian Americans visited Washington on Wednesday to meet with government officials regarding the situation of Assyrians in the Middle East. The meetings were organized by the Assyrian American National Federation and its affiliates. Also present were representatives from the Assyrian Confederation of Europe. The delegation met with several offices […]

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Assyrians in North Iraq Pressured to Sign Petition for Kurdish Independence

May 15, 2016 Featured News

AINA- 15/5/16 Dohuk, Iraq (AINA) — Local and internally displaced Assyrians living in north Iraq are being pressured by Kurdish officials to sign a petition for Kurdish independence from Iraq. The petition is being distributed by Kurdish mayors in north Iraq in the areas surrounding Dohuk (Noohadra in Assyrian), including the villages of Cree Basee, […]

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Australia Recognizes Crimes Committed By ISIS Against Assyrians As Genocide

May 2, 2016 Featured News

Assyrian Universal Alliance – 2/5/16 In a historic and unprecedented move at the request of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, the Australian House of Representatives today recognized without objection that crimes committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) against Assyrians are ‘genocide’. The lengthy and comprehensive motion recognizes the “Assyrian people” as “an original […]

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ISIS Bomb Assyrian Homes, Monastery in Iraq – Cemeteries Vandalized

December 26, 2015 Featured News

26/12/15 (AINA) — Two days ago ISIS bombed ten Assyrian homes and a monastery in the Assyrian village of Tel Kepe in north Iraq. The blasts injured several people. The monastery belonged to Assyrian nuns. According to residents, ISIS threatened to bomb Assyrian homes in other villages in the area. On November 27 a cemetery […]

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Assyrian Church Prelates Visit the Historic Village of Sarsing in Northern Iraq

June 7, 2015 Featured News

6/6/15 Iraq: Prelates of the Assyrian Church of the East paid a pastoral visit today to the historic Assyrian village of Sarsing in the Dohuk Province of Northern Iraq. The prelates offered prayers in St Matthew’s Church of the Assyrian Church of the East. The prelates met with and blessed the many internally displaced families, […]

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ISIS Burns 80 year old Assyrian Woman in North Iraq

May 27, 2015 Featured News

27/5/15 (AINA) — According to a report by the BasNews agency, ISIS burned an 80 year-old Assyrian woman to death in a village southeast of Mosul. Citing Sa’ed Mamuzini, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office in Mosul, BasNews stated in its report that the woman, who was from Karamlis, was burned for […]

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Assyrians Usher in Year 6765 With Trepidation

April 2, 2015 Featured News
Assyrians celebrate year 6765 at the Assyrian new year celebration in Fairfield, Australia.

2/4/15 (AINA) — Assyrians throughout the world ushered in the 6765th year today, even as ISIS continues its genocidal campaign against them in Syria and Iraq. In the old Assyrian calendar, the Assyrian New Year began on March 21, the vernal equinox, and so did the month of April. Hence April 1st occurred on the […]

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Outbreak of Chicken Pox, Lice and Scabies in Assyrian Refugee Camp in Arbel

March 24, 2015 Featured News
Ankawa Mall, an uncompleted building in Ankawa, Iraq, now housing nearly 1,800 Assyrian refugees.

24/3/15 (AINA) — Eight months after ISIS drove nearly 200,000 Assyrians from their villages in the Nineveh Plains north of Mosul, Assyrians are now battling disease in the refugee camps they are living in. Refugees are living in uncompleted buildings, with no walls, windows or dividers. One location, called the Ankawa Mall, is a 7 […]

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Iraqi Assyrians Arm Themselves For The Fight Against ISIS

October 9, 2014 Featured News

By Matthew Vickery – October 2014 TEL SKUF, Iraq — Waesh Toma sits upright and ready, his eyes scanning the Iraqi desert horizon as the cream Toyota pick-up he is perched in — half camouflaged into the sandy background — rumbles along. Toma is a displaced Iraqi Christian, forced from his home when Islamic State […]

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What Next for Iraq’s Christians?

July 22, 2014 Featured News – 22/7/14 Apart from praying and lamenting, is there anything else that concerned outsiders, such as the Western churches, should be doing to help Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq? That is a real question, not least because Iraqi Christian leaders are in a quandary themselves. Until a few weeks ago, Mosul and […]

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