Nineveh Plain

Swedish EU Parliamentarian Accuses Kurds of Treason Against Assyrians

July 18, 2017 News

AINA – 18/7/17 Stockholm (AINA) — “It’s obvious for me that when the Kurdish Regional Government [KRG] disarmed Assyrians (AINA 2014-08-14) and then didn’t defend the Nineveh Plain [when ISIS attacked], this amounted to treason against the Assyrian people.” These are the words Lars Adaktusson, member of the European Parliament from the Swedish Christian Democratic Party, […]

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March 6, 2017 Featured – 6/3/17 As a symbol of victory of light over darkness, of Christ over Satan, a giant cross has been erected on a hill in the Iraqi town of Telekuf-Tesqopa, just seventeen miles from Mosul, following the expulsion of ISIS Islamic Jihadists. Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Baghdad Louis Sako arrived to the village on February […]

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Assyrians Signal Their Intention to Return to Their Homes in Mosul

November 5, 2016 Featured News

Aid to the Church in Need – 5/11/16 The capture of the city in Northern Iraq by Daesh (IS) in June 2014, led to thousands fleeing for their lives, to the extent that just three months later, there were no Christians left in Mosul. The occupation of city by Daesh (IS) left damaged and destroyed homes, […]

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Statement by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Anthioch & Syriac Catholic Patriarchate on the Eviction of People from Mosul & the Nineveh Plain

June 11, 2016 Featured News

Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate – June 2016 Two Years Since the Eviction of our People from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain: the Wound of Forced Emigration Is Still Bleeding Two years passed since the uprooting of our Syriac people from the land of our ancestors in Mosul and the Nineveh Plain, following the criminal act which amounts to […]

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Iraqi Minorities Advocate for the Creation of New Provinces

May 12, 2016 Featured News

By Douglas Burton – May 2016 If August 1914 shattered the received order of Europe forever, August 2014 dissolved the received tradition of protection for religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria. The lightening quick thrust of the Islamic State over northeastern Syria and down a broad band of Iraq in the summer of […]

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Islamic State Blows Up 21 Christian Homes

September 25, 2015 Featured News

Raymond Ibrahim – Coptic Solidarity – 25/9/15 Earlier this week, the Islamic State blew up 21 homes belonging to Christians in the once Christian majority Nineveh Plain, northeast of Mosul. An official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul further said that the Islamic State has throughout the months detonated “hundreds” of homes in Nineveh Plain, primarily to […]

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7 Assyrian Villages in Northern Iraq Hit By Turkish Air Strikes

August 13, 2015 Featured News
An Assyrian in Sharanish, north Iraq, which was hit by Turkish air strikes (photo: ARD).

August 2015 (AINA) — The German public TV channel ARD reported yesterday that Assyrian villages in the Qandil mountains were hit by the recent Turkish air strikes against the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The villages hit by air strikes were Sharanish, Baz, Barwary Bala, Hayes, Dawoodiya and Margerija. One Assyrian village the German reporter […]

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Brick By Brick, Person By Person, ISIS is Erasing Assyrians From Their Homelands

March 7, 2015 Featured News
The ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, which was destroyed by ISIS on March 5.

  7/3/15 (AINA) — Yesterday ISIS destroyed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, a city dating back to 1400 B.C. and was one of the capitals of Assyria. A week before that ISIS destroyed the Museum of Mosul, which contained priceless Assyrian artifacts. A week before that ISIS attacked 35 Assyrian villages in Khabur Syria, […]

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US Senate Calls for the Establishment of a Province for Christians in Nineveh Plain

January 29, 2015 Featured News
Assyrians in Iraq. – 29/1/15 17 members of the US Senate Foreign Minister, John Kerry called to support the Iraqi government’s efforts to establish a province in Nineveh Plain that includes Assyrians and other Christian minorities inhabiting the area. The senator’s call came in a letter sent to Kerry and included signatures of highest-level Democrat in the Intelligence […]

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The Minorities of the Nineveh Plain and the Demand for a Safe Haven

September 19, 2014 Featured News

By Mikhael Benjamin – 19/9/14 (AINA) — The province of Nineveh is going through tragic and exceptional conditions, particularly its minorities, national, ethnic, religious and linguistic groups, such as the Chaldean Assyrian Christians, Yazidis, Shabak, Turkmen and the Kakai in the aftermath of the control by ISIS terrorist groups along with other armed groups of […]

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Joint Assyrian Armenian Letter Sent to House Foreign Affairs Committee

September 18, 2014 News
Congressman Edward Royce

18/9/14 (AINA) — The Assyrian Universal Alliance and the Armenian National Committee of America have sent a joint letter Congressman Edward Royce, representative for California’s 39th congressional district, on the persecution of Assyrians in Iraq. Mr. Royce is the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The letter expresses concern over the persecution of Assyrians […]

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75% of Assyrians Return to Their Town in North Iraq

September 17, 2014 Featured News

17/9/14 Alqosh, Iraq (AINA) — More than 75% of the residents of Alqosh, an Assyrian town 37 miles north of Mosul, have returned to their town after fleeing from the threat of ISIS on August 7. On September 12 the residents celebrated the festival Mar Qardakh, the patron saint of Alqosh, at the Saint Qardakh […]

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ISIS Erases Syriac Culture : Christian Teachings From Schools

September 16, 2014 Featured News

By Gabriel Ruiz – September 2014 In a move to further establish the Islamic caliphate, ISIS militants have imposed the mandatory removal of all Syriac and Christian teachings from school curricula. Educational institutes across Mosul and Nineveh Plain bearing Christian names, such as the St Thomas Christian school, will also be renamed under the new […]

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Mother of 3 Year-old Assyrian Girl Kidnapped By ISIS: ‘She Will Die If She Does Not See Me’

August 29, 2014 Featured News
The mother of Christina, the 3 year-old Assyrian girl kidnapped by ISIS, shortly after arriving in Ankawa from Baghdede.

  29/8/14 (AINA) — The mother of Christina Khader Ebada, a 3 year-old Assyrian girl who was abducted from her family by ISIS as they were leaving Baghdede (AINA 2014-08-25), was interviewed by Ishtar TV, an Assyrian network based in Arbel. The interview was conducted after Christina’s family reached Ankawa, just north of Arbel, where 70,000 […]

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ISIS Abduct 3 Year-old Assyrian Girl From Fleeing Family : 3 Starve to Death

August 26, 2014 Featured News
Christina Khader Christian Ebada, a 3 year-old Assyrian girl, was abducted from her family by ISIS as they were leaving Baghdede

26/8/14 (AINA) — Christina Khader Christian Ebada, a 3 year-old Assyrian girl, was abducted from her family as they were leaving Baghdede. ISIS escorted the family, as well as many other residents, to the Khazar checkpoint and told them to leave and never return. The girl was last seen by her mother crying and sobbing […]

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1200 Assyrian Refugees Living on One Floor in a Mall in Arbel

August 24, 2014 Featured News
An Assyrian child in need of medical attention.

24/8/14 Arbel, Iraq (AINA) — The city of Ankawa has received the largest number of refugees, 70,000, mostly Assyrians. Ankawa, an Assyrian city north of Arbel, has opened its arms to the refugees and provided shelter and food. All of the religious and civic institutions are over capacity and are working day and night to […]

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Dutch MP Visits Assyrian Refugees in North Iraq

August 24, 2014 Featured News

24/8/14 Ankawa, Iraq (AINA) — Dutch MP Joel Voordewind visited Ankawa on Thursday to assess the state of the Assyrian refugees who fled from ISIS. 200,000 Assyrians fled from their homes when ISIS moved into their towns and villages, including Baghdede, Bartella, Karamles, and dozens of villages in the Nineveh Plain north of Mosul. The […]

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Lebanese MPs & FM Meet With Assyrian Leaders

August 20, 2014 Featured News

Lebanese MPs Meet With Assyrian Leaders in Beirut – August 2014 Beirut (AINA) — In a show of solidarity with the Assyrian Christians of North Iraq, a delegation from the Future Block Party (AlMustaqbal) met on Sunday with Archdeacon Yatroun Giliana at the Diocese of the Assyrian Church of the East in Beirut, located in […]

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Assyrian Minister in Kurdish Government Resigns in Protest

August 17, 2014 Featured News

17/8/14 (AINA) — The Minister of Transportation for the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in North Iraq, Johnson Siawesh, has tendered his resignation to protest the KRG’s lack of action in defending Assyrian Christians against ISIS and in providing assistance to the Assyrian refugees who fled from the towns and villages in the Nineveh Plain and […]

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Assyrian Refugees From Nineveh Plain in Desperate Need

August 10, 2014 Featured News

10/8/14 (AINA) — The massive exodus of nearly 200,000 Assyrians from the Nineveh plain (AINA 2014-08-07), caused by the Islamic State’s (ISIS) capture of several Assyrian towns and villages, has overwhelmed the areas to where the refugees have fled. Fleeing ISIS, Assyrians have moved north to Dohuk and east to Arbel. Assyrians have fled to […]

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200,000 Assyrians Have Fled the Nineveh Plain in the Last 24 Hours

August 7, 2014 Featured News
Assyrian refugees sleeping on the streets of Ankawa, Iraq (photo:

  (AINA) — The push of the Islamic State (IS) from Mosul north into the Nineveh Plain, the last stronghold of Assyrians in Iraq, has created fear and panic in the population, causing a massive exodus from Assyrian villages. The influx of refugees into Ankawa and Noohadra (Dohuk) has overwhelmed the towns. There is a […]

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