Mtkvari River


November 17, 2016 Featured News – 17/11/16 Thousands of believers gathered on Metekhi Bridge in the center of the Georgian capital on the day of commemoration of the 100,000 Georgian martyrs slain by the Khwarezmians in Tbilisi in 1227. A Moleben was served on the bridge, reports Sputnik-Georgia. “Today is a special day. Today is the day of the memory […]

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IOCC Responds to Flash Flooding in Georgia

June 23, 2015 Featured News

June 2015- IOCC Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — Torrential rains that fell on the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi on June 13 caused flash flooding along the Mtkvari River, resulting in the loss of life, extensive damage to homes, property and infrastructure in a matter of just a few hours. According to IOCC staff based in […]

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