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Ekaterinburg 1918: The Survival of four Grand Duchesses

March 29, 2017 Featured

Ekaterinburg 1918: The Survival of four Grand Duchesses. A very interesting article by Author Carlos Mundy. Harry Binkow, Historian – RUSSIAN IMPERIAL FAMILY HISTORICAL SOCIETY – 29/3/17 Though it had been rumored for years immediately after the alleged massacre of the Russian Imperial Family in 1918, that the Empress and her daughters had survived, it […]

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Does Vladimir Putin know the true fate of the Russian Imperial Family?

January 18, 2017 Featured News

Worldturth. Tv – 17/1/17 History is re-discovered and re-written from time to time as it should be when historians and investigators make discoveries that question accepted facts. Could the true fate of the last Romanov Tsar and his family be one of them? A few days ago an article was published mentioning the profound interest […]

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