Maria Nalewajko

Sixty Seventh anniversary of tragic events in Zaleszany

February 23, 2013 Featured News

Polish Orthodox Church Maria Nalewajko February 2013 January 29 marks 67 years since setting fire to the village Zaleszany and brutal murder of the 16 residents who died for the fact that they were Orthodox and belonged to the Belarusian national minority. Thus, they have become part of a bunch of martyrs Chelm and Podlasie, […]

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Lenten donation 2013

February 23, 2013 News

Maria Nalewajko – February 2013 Polish Orthodox Church Orthodox charity organization ELEOS of Bialystok and Gdansk Diocese is inviting all faithful to participate in all-Poland charity action “Lenten Donation 2013”. The aim of the action is to collect money saved during The Great Lent on shopping or other entertainments. You can put your donation to special […]

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Polish Orthodox Movie wins Radonezh Award

December 19, 2012 Featured News

Maria Nalewajko – 19/12/12- Polish Orthodox Church The documentary film “Achimandrite” directed by Jerzy Kalina has won of the International Documentary Film Festival and Television Programme “Radonezh” in Moscow.  “Radonezh” is the oldest review and contest of the film productions about religion in Russia. It takes place under the patronage of Patriarch Kirill and Prime Minister […]

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Exhibition “Colours of Orthodoxy – Poland” in the European Parliament

October 8, 2012 News

September 2012 Maria Nalewajko The opening of the exhibition “Colours of Orthodoxy – Poland” took place in European Parliament in Brussels. This is the first place abroad when the exhibition is shown. By presenting this exhibition – said the coordinator of the project, Mr. Aleksander Wasyluk – we want to show that religion is necessary, […]

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Orthodox Community Centre in Warsaw is open

October 8, 2012 Featured News

September 2012 The Polish Orthodox Church Maria Nalewajko The official opening of the Orthodox Community Centre has begun from its consecration ceremony. It took place on the day of the patron saint of the Orthodox Warsaw and Bielsk Diocese, St. Job Poczajowski. It was attended by many priests from across the diocese. The ceremony was […]

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New website of Suprasl Monastery

September 16, 2012 News

Maria Nalewajko 05.09.2012 Polish Orthodox Church Website: Suprasl Monastery has launched a new website. It has replaced the older one, which had not been updated quite frequently: The updated website version is still developing. Apart from news concerning monastery and its parish life, one can find history of monastery complex, icon of Suprasl […]

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National Digital Archive is expanding

September 16, 2012 Featured News

Maria Nalewajko August 2012 Polish Orthodox Church See Photos depicting Orthodoxy: National Digital Archive has started its activity in March 2008. Archives gathered there cover materials since the forties of the nineteenth century till contemporary times. This body is collecting, elaborating, preserving and making archives such as photos, voice recordings and films accessible. Approximately 14 […]

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Orthodox Celebrations of the Border Guard Holiday

June 17, 2012 News

Polish Orthodox Church Maria Nalewajko 28.05.2012 Orthodox celebrations of the Border Guard holiday were organized in Siemiatycze. On May 13 dean of the Border Guard within the Orthodox Military Ordinariate of the Polish Army organized the Orthodox celebration of the Border Guard. The ceremony began with the Orthodox Church liturgy. Orthodox Ordinary of the Military […]

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Results of 31st Hajnówka Church Music Festival

June 2, 2012 News

The Polish Orthodox Church Maria Nalewajko 1/6/2012 The Jury of 31st International Festival Hajnówka Orthodox Church Music Days 2012 has given the following prizes: Category – Other choirs: Distinction: Male Choir of The Band of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus 3rd place: Vocal Group „VESPERASCIT” from Warsaw (Poland) 2nd place: Metropolitan Choir […]

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Common proclamation will be signed in August

April 19, 2012 News

Maria Nalewajko Polish Orthodox Church 18/4/2012 During a visit of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and whole Russia in August a Common Proclamation to the Nations of Russia and Poland about the reconciliation between our nations will be signed – informed the KAI (Catholic Informative Agency) Archbishop Stanislaw Budzik. “It has a historical importance, as in […]

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Hajnówka’s holiday of Singing

May 29, 2011 News

Polish Orthodox Church Maria Nalewajko 16.05.2011 On 8th May 2011 the International Festival of Orthodox Church Music has started. It began from religious service and performance of famous old Polish song “Gaude Mater Polonia”. This is the place where 30 years ago, then small, now great work has been started. By this I mean singing […]

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