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Pope John Paul II declared a saint?

April 27, 2014 Featured News
Croat Military and Religious leaders praising the brutality of the Ustaše regime

Garsijanovski 27/4/14 I heard about the canonization of Karol Vojtila or Pope John Paul II. Yes, he made headlines for the good reasons, not to mention the child abuse by certain priests but i don’t mind that since it is normal. Yet, i would discuss here why he shouldn’t be deserving that title, saint. First […]

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Pope John Paul II and the Balkan Connection

April 27, 2014 Featured News

Translated by Kisha D Dorado (OCP Delegate of Serbia, Balkan and East European Region) 27/4/14 Pope John Paul II is the last person in the world to be decaled a saint. Why? Well we, the Orthodox from Balkans, know that well. The 1990 was the year dedicated to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Few people know […]

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The imperial papacy

February 16, 2013 Featured News

Gwynne Dyer – 16/2/13 IT’S the ROMAN Catholic Church, not the Republican Catholic Church or the People’s Revolutionary Socialist Democratic Catholic Church. Its rigid hierarchy and its centralising instincts are almost entirely due to the fact that it became the state religion of the Roman Empire over sixteen hundred years ago. And the pope is […]

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Vatican lights Christmas tree from Ukraine

December 18, 2011 News

17/12/2011 VATICAN CITY The Vatican on Friday lit its traditional St. Peter’s Square Christmas tree, which, this year, came as a gift from Ukraine. Hundreds of bulbs glowed among the 2,500 silver-and gold-coloured baubles decorating the tree — a spruce from Ukraine’s southwestern Zakarpattia region. The lighting ceremony was presided over by a delegation of […]

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Pope Meets Sarkisian, Hails ‘Good Relations’ With Armenia

December 13, 2011 News

12.12.2011 Pope Benedict XVI met with President Serzh Sarkisian on Monday to discuss ways of deepening what the Vatican described as “good relations” existing between the Roman Catholic Church and Armenia. Sarkisian also had a separate meeting at the Vatican with Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and visited the Armenian Catholic church of St. […]

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Poland’s Holy Hill of Grabarka draws Orthodox Christian Pilgrims

August 21, 2011 Featured News
(An elderly pilgrim stands by Orthodox crosses at the Holy Hill of Grabarka August 18, 2011/Peter Andrews)

By Gabriela Baczynska in Grabarka, Poland 20/8/2011 Some 15,000 Orthodox Christian pilgrims carried crosses, drank holy water and prayed on Friday at a hill in eastern Poland they believe to be sacred in a colourful celebration of their faith and identity in the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country. The pilgrims, who spoke a mixture of Polish, […]

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Muslim woman performs Epiphany ablution in Tatarstan

January 29, 2011 News

Kazan, January 20, Interfax – A Muslim woman participated in the Epiphany bathing in the Raifa Holy Virgin Monastery not far from Kazan. The girl plunged into the water in a dress with her head covered. When she came up from the ice hole her companion wrapped her in a loose gown. When asked what […]

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