March 7, 2014 Featured News

7/3/14 Israel’s legislative branch, known as the Knesset, passed a controversial bill into law that defines 1948 Christians Palestinians as “non-Arabs”, Israeli media reported. The new law – passed on Monday with a vote of 31 in favor and 6 against – for the first time differentiates Christian Palestinians from the rest of the Palestinian community, who had […]

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March 4, 2014 Featured News

March 2014 On Tuesday the 12th/25th of February 2014, the Ambassador of Romania to Israel, Ms Andrea Păstârnac, visited the Patriarchate. The new Romanian Ambassador to Israel was received by His Beatitude Theophilos, our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem, in the presence of Hagiotaphite Fathers. Ms Andrea Păstârnac visited the Patriarchate on the occasion of […]

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The truth about Russia’s “anti-Gay” laws

February 15, 2014 Featured News

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL BLOG - 14/2/14 The following is the executive summary of an extensive analysis of the “anti-Gay” laws so much in the news in the run up to the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia which start today. I am not the author but I am publishing with full permission. The author of the […]

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Residents of the Holy Land should have one states for all, the Jerusalem Patriarchate official believes

February 9, 2014 Featured News

Moscow, February 3, Interfax – It will never be possible to establish two states – the Jewish and the Palestinian – in the Holy Land, Archbishop Theodosios of Sebastia believes (the Jerusalem Orthodox Church). “The peace is needed, it isn’t possible to be in war forever. But it is not by chance that negotiations about […]

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What’s Really Behind the Persecution of Christians in the Middle East?

February 7, 2014 News

By Sonja Corbitt February 2014 NASHVILLE, TN — “Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos 5:24). Although it has fallen largely on deaf ears, the plight of Christians in the Middle East has made some news, especially in Christian circles. I have written on the circumstances there, myself, and about how […]

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Attack on Jerusalem graves unnerves Christians

October 15, 2013 News

The Associated Press – 14/10/13 Christian leaders in Israel are up in arms over what they say is a string of relentless attacks on church properties and religious sites _ most recently the desecration of a historic Protestant cemetery where vandals toppled stone crosses from graves and bludgeoned them to pieces. The attack in the […]

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The U.S. Christians Who Fear Assad’s Fall

September 22, 2013 Featured News

Sara Sorcher - 22/9/13 Some religious groups fear regime change in Syria will lead to persecution of Christians in the war-torn state. Christians comprise about 10 percent of the population in Syria, home to ancient biblical scenes, including the Damascus road on which Paul had his conversion experience. But the civil war has changed Christians’ relatively […]

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Valery Novoselsky: “The Armenians feel comfortable in Azerbaijan”

September 9, 2013 News

9/9/2013 Interview by Peter Lyukimson, Israel. Exclusively to Vestnik Kavkaza The Israeli human rights activist Valery Novoselsky has recently visited Azerbaijan where he took part in the project “The Path of Tolercance” initiated by the Azerbaijani State Committee on Work with Religious Organizations. He talked to Vestnik Kavkaza and shared with his impressions. – It […]

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Jerusalem’s Sacred Music Festival truly has something for everyone

August 26, 2013 News

26/8/13 Emahoy Tsegué-Mariam Guèbru, a 90-year-old Ethiopian nun, joins the Grateful Dead’s legendary drummer Mickey Hart at some of Israel’s most spectacular venues. JERUSALEM, Israel — With an agreeably stunned expression, still jet-lagged, Eric Isaacson, the owner of Mississippi Records — an indie vinyl company that is located in Portland, Ore. — tried to explain […]

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Netanyahu announces new forum to encourage Christian Arabs to serve in military

August 7, 2013 Featured News

  Jonathan Lis - 7/8/13 Forum will promote enlistment of young Christian Israelis in the army or in national service; previous attempt created a rift in the local community. A joint forum of representing the government and Israel’s Christian community will be established to promote army service and national civil service among Christians and increase their […]

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Archbishop Theodosios (Atallah) Hanna: Israel seeks to control the Middle East

August 2, 2013 Featured News

Edited by Elias Harb   – 2/8/13 (Occupied Jerusalem)  – Archbishop Theodosios ( Atallah) Hanna of Sebastia, Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem affirmed in a new statement that all those people who bear arms against the Syrian people and  the  Army are only tools who serve the Israeli project , their aim is […]

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Christian Population in Israel Grows, but Prejudice Remains

July 27, 2013 Featured News
Orthodox Christian worshippers hold crosses as they take part in the Eastern and Orthodox Church’s Good Friday procession along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Old City earlier this year. (Ammar Awad/Reuters)

Shawn A. Akers - 27/7/13 A 2012 report by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reveals that Christianity is growing at a rate of 1.3 percent annually in the Holy Land. Clerics, however, recently expressed a concern about the life challenges faced by the Christian population there. CBS reports that two percent of the country’s population—or […]

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‘We are third-class citizens,’ says Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem

June 30, 2013 Featured News

Lauren Gelfond Feldinger – 30/6/13 ‘If Israel recognizes the Armenian genocide it won’t be the end of the world,’ says the new head of the Armenian Church in Jerusalem, which dates back to the 4th century.  It might even help making the community feel less cut off from the rest of the city and country. […]

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Politics and Christians in the Holy Land

June 15, 2013 News

John L. Allen Jr. – 15/6/13 Given that the Vatican “gay lobby” story was back in the air this week, it may be hard for some to fathom that anything else is cooking on the church beat. Yet there is real news out there, including this: A new threat has emerged to the Christian community […]

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Greek Patriarchate’s Jerusalem land plot raises concerns for homeowners’ future

May 24, 2013 News
The Greek Patriarchate compound in Jerusalem. Photo by Eyal Warshavsky / BauBau

Ranit Nahum-Halevy 24/5/13 After decades of leasing land to the government, the Greek Patriarchate’s sale to a private, foreign buyer may signal inflated prices ahead for current residents. The Greek Patriarchate of Jerusalem sold off a plot of land in Jerusalem, containing hundreds of residential units in dozens of buildings, to a foreign buyer. The […]

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Churches denounce Israel violence against Christians

May 13, 2013 Featured News

13/5/13 JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Patriarchs and heads of Christian churches in Jerusalem on Sunday released a joint statement denouncing attacks by Israeli police officers on worshipers and pilgrims during Holy Saturday at the Church of Holy Sepulcher. Signatories of the statement highlighted that they saw “awful scenes of the brutal treatment to clerics, average people […]

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P.A. Slams Israeli Attack On Worshipers Marking Eastern Orthodox Easter

May 8, 2013 Featured News

7/5/13 The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement strongly denouncing the Israeli military and police attacks against Palestinian Christians, diplomats, priests and visitors, celebrating the eastern Holy Fire Saturday, before Easter this past Saturday. The Ministry said that Israeli soldiers and policemen verbally and physically attacked dozens of worshipers and families, and prevented them from […]

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The Copts flee Egypt

May 3, 2013 Featured News

3/5/13 Rumours of a Coptic exodus from Egypt have been circulating by word of mouth and on the Internet, but the truth may be less dramatic than the reports have made it appear, writesMichael Adel The exodus of the Copts from Egypt is revisited every time there is political or sectarian turmoil in the country. […]

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Israel parliament discusses Armenian genocide case despite reconciliation talks with Turkey

April 25, 2013 News

By Associated Press – 25/4/13 JERUSALEM — Israel’s parliament has held a special session on whether to recognize the mass killings of Armenians as genocide, even as the government takes new steps to repair relations with Turkey. Tuesday’s parliamentary debate came a day after senior Israeli officials wrapped up a round of reconciliation talks in Turkey. […]

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Kidnap of Syrian bishops sparks global concern

April 24, 2013 Featured News

23/4/13 DAMASCUS — The kidnapping of two Syrian bishops, reportedly by Chechen fighters, sparked international concern on Tuesday, as rebels battled regime and Hezbollah forces in Homs province, a watchdog said. In Israel, meanwhile, a senior military intelligence official said President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons, including sarin, against rebels on several occasions in […]

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Israel: The Politics Behind

April 23, 2013 News

 Akiva Eldar for Al-Monitor  Israel Pulse - 22/4/13 On Wednesday [April 24] the world will mark the 98th anniversary of the genocide  carried out against the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire. As it does every year,  this year, too, Israel will be silent. The Jewish state, which just two weeks  ago [April 8] honored the 6 […]

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