Iraqi Christians


March 6, 2017 Featured – 6/3/17 As a symbol of victory of light over darkness, of Christ over Satan, a giant cross has been erected on a hill in the Iraqi town of Telekuf-Tesqopa, just seventeen miles from Mosul, following the expulsion of ISIS Islamic Jihadists. Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Baghdad Louis Sako arrived to the village on February […]

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Iraq’s Remaining Christians Promise to Stay and Rebuild

August 8, 2016 Featured News

By Hannah Tooley – AINA- 8/8/16 Christians still in Iraq are pledging to stay in the country and help rebuild it after Islamic State (IS) is defeated. They have spoken out two years after thousands of believers were forced to flee their homes in the Nineveh plains by IS. A new report found most of […]

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Group of Iraqi Christian Refugees Accepted by Slovakia Returns Home

May 19, 2016 Featured News – May 2016 Being resettled in Slovakia under the government program a group of Iraqi Christian refugees finally returned home, local media reported Wednesday. PRAGUE (Sputnik) — A group of Iraqi Christian refugees, resettled in Slovakia under the government program, returned home, local media reported Wednesday. As many as 21 Iraqi refugees, primarily the […]

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An-Nahar on Lebanese Christian Parties’ Silence about the Russian Intervention

October 19, 2015 Featured News
Russian Sukhoi Su-25 at Latakia (2).jpg

Notes on Arab Orthodoxy- Pierre Atallah- October 2015 Also Read – an-Nahar: The Russians have come to Achrafiyeh: Systematic Christian Silence on the Russian Intervention,  in order to prevent the repeat of tragedies and civil wars. All Christian political parties, movements, and blocs are avoiding taking any public position about the Russian military intervention in Syria, […]

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Australian Bishops Who Visited Iraqi Christians See Christ Reborn Again

December 23, 2014 Featured News
Abu and Um Sabah, pose outside their tent Oct. 26 in a park in Ainkawa, Iraq. One of their sons, Saleh, has traveled to Jordan with his family in the hope of moving elsewhere in the West far from Iraq

By Doreen Abi Raad Catholic News Service – 23/12/14 BEIRUT — Christ is being “reborn again in the lowly stable” this Christmas because of the remarkable faith of Iraqi Christians who were driven out of their homes, said Australian bishops who visited refugees in Lebanon and the displaced in Irbil, Iraq. The Dec. 15-19 mission of […]

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Christian Refugees in Iraq Face Up to a Bleak Christmas

December 19, 2014 Featured News
When baby Mariam was born her mother laid her in a bed made from a plastic bag Below: Refugees in a camp near Erbil (CNS).

By Simon Caldwell 19/12/14 David Thamir was having a great time as he played go-karts with other boys. He shrieked, ran and jumped with his companions as they charged around in the vehicles they had made for themselves. It was the sort of joyful and innocent fun which comes naturally to children. But in this […]

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Does the West Ignore Iraqi Christians Because They Lack Economic Stake?

December 15, 2014 Featured News
Assyrian refugee in Ankawa, Iraq.

By John Newton – 15/12/14 Beirut — The leader of the Syriac Catholic Church has lashed out at Western governments, charging that they ignore the plight of displaced Christians in Iraq because they represent no economic stakes. In an interview in the French capital with international charity Aid to the Church in Need, Patriarch Joseph […]

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Assyrians in Iraq Face Persecution

September 18, 2014 Featured News
l Cajon, a hub for Iraqi refugees, was the site of recent demonstrations calling for the United States to grant asylum to thousands of Iraqi Christians facing threats by the militant group.

By Olivia Lougee – 18/9/14 Christians and other non-Muslim groups in Iraq are undergoing extreme hardship and daily threats by the Islamist militant group that identifies itself as Islamic State. Of all the groups being targeted by the militants, the crisis for Iraqi Chaldean Christians has struck close to home in San Diego. According to […]

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From Exodus to Exodus Iraqi Christians Seek New Home

September 15, 2014 Featured News
An Iraqi works on a temporary mosaic of Christian symbols made from the area

By Kamal Taha – 15/9/14 (AFP) — Threats by jihadists have sent a fresh wave of Christians fleeing their Iraqi homeland, bustling from exodus to exodus in search of a safe haven to rebuild their lives Raja Marzina, who has taken refuge in Jordan with her husband and their five children, never imagined she would […]

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World’s Top Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks on Iraqi Christians

August 12, 2014 Featured News
Iyad bin Amin Madani - Secretary general of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – 12/8/14 Two of the leading voices in the Muslim world denounced the persecution of Christians in Iraq, at the hands of extremists proclaiming a caliphate under the name Islamic State. The most explicit condemnation came from Iyad Ameen Madani, the Secretary General for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the group representing 57 countries, […]

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Iraqi Christians in Lebanon Tell of ISIL’s Brutal Rule

August 2, 2014 Featured News
2-year-old Behnam Atallah sits on the floor of a small room in Jdeideh, where he lives with his parents and sisters after his family fled from ISIL in Iraq (photo: Nohad Topalian/Al-Shorfa).

By Nohad Topalian – August 2014 Though the apartment lacks basic furniture and they must sit and sleep on the floor, Iraqi brothers Fadi and Samir Bayous Suleiman and their families find a measure of safety in a small apartment in a low-income building in the Beirut suburb of Sad al-Bouchrieh. The brothers arrived from […]

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Iraqi Christians Brave Heat to Demand Help From United Nations

July 29, 2014 Featured News

By Simon Caldwell – 29/7/14 Iraqi Christian refugees braved temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit to demand that the United Nations intervene to protect them from persecution by Islamist militants. Sahar Mansour, a Chaldean Catholic who fled Mosul, Iraq, in June, told Catholic News Service by email that she saw some of the demonstrators […]

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France Offers Asylum To Iraqi Christians

July 29, 2014 Featured News

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – 29/7/14 France says it is ready to welcome Christians from northern Iraq who have been told by Islamic extremists ruling the region to either convert to Islam, pay a religious tax, or face death. France’s foreign and interior ministers said in a joint statement in Paris on July 28 that “we […]

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Iraqi Christians Find Little Help

July 28, 2014 Featured News

By Rayane Abou Jaoude, Venetia Raineyl Daily Star, Lebanon – 28/7/14 BAABDA, Lebanon — Joseph Toman leaned on the heavy wooden door of St. Raphael Chaldean Cathedral and sighed in exasperation. He wore a dirty shirt and his weathered feet peered out of a pair of tattered sandals, a far cry from the rest of the […]

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Congressman Slams Obama For Ignoring Christian Genocide In Iraq

July 28, 2014 Featured News
Congressman Frank Wolf

By Tristyn Bloom – Daily Caller – 28/7/14 Virginia Republican congressman Frank Wolf accused the Obama administration of ignoring the genocide of Iraqi Christians Thursday, saying that “Christianity as we know it in Iraq is being wiped out.” “I believe what is happening to the Christian community in Iraq is genocide,” he said in a speech to […]

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No Room for Assyrians in Iraq Anymore – Fleeing Residents Say

July 28, 2014 Featured News – 27/7/14 Alive but not at peace, Iraqi Christians who have fled the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Mosul are recounting their nightmares about the group, while also lamenting the ostensible end of a place for their community in Iraq. Thousands fled the violence after ISIL, which now […]

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Stand in Solidarity for Iraqi Christians

July 27, 2014 Featured News

The British Orthodox Church – 27/4/14 Following reports of the threats against Christians in the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul, which has led to their flight from a city with a continuous Christian presence for more than 1,600 years; the Iraqui Christian community in the UK organised a demonstration outside Parliament on 26 July. Among […]

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Barzani to Iraqi Christians: We Will Live and Die Together

July 26, 2014 Featured News
President Barzani Receives Patriarch Louis Sako

By Shwan Barzinji – 26/7/14 Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani has made an impassioned statement to all Iraqi Christians in the wake of their forced migration from Mosul. He tells Iraqi Christians not to think about immigration abroad, stating that the Kurdistan Region will stand against the terrorists and protect their land and lives. According […]

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Christendom and the World Fail Iraqi Christians

July 26, 2014 Featured News

By Rajat Ghai – 26/7/14 Even as world attention is riveted to the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza, not far to the east, another much greater catastrophe is taking place: the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Iraq. A community that has been under siege since the Arab-Islamic takeover of Persia, Mesopotamia and the Levant […]

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Coptic Orthodox Church Condemns Targeting of Iraqi Christians

July 23, 2014 Featured News

By Adham Youssef – 23/7/14 The Coptic Orthodox Church has condemned the targeting of Iraqi Christians in the militant-held city of Mosul, which caused the displacement of thousands into the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. In its Saturday statement, the Church added that violence against Christians and forced immigration are unprecedented acts in the history […]

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UN Security Council Denounces Persecution of Iraqi Christians

July 22, 2014 Featured News

22/7/14 UNITED NATIONS (AFP) — The United Nations Security Council has denounced militant persecution of Christians and other minorities in Iraq, warning such actions can be considered crimes against humanity. The Islamic State, which last month declared a “caliphate” straddling large swathes of northern Iraq and Syria, has threatened a Christian presence in the region […]

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