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February 12, 2018 Featured

The Mayan Orthodox Church – 12/2/18 One of the joys in visiting a parish in Guatemala is the warm welcome given to the visiting clergy. Such was the case upon our arrival at the village of Guaxacana (wa-sha-ca-na) on January 28th. Not only was the Orthodox community celebrating the 14th anniversary of its founding, but also […]

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Address for the Opening Session of the Holy and Great Council by His Beatitude Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and All Poland

June 22, 2016 Featured News

Great and Holy Council – 22/6/16 Your All-Holiness, Your Holinesses, Eminences, Excellences, Reverend Brothers Priests, Brothers and Sisters participants of the Holy and Great Council, God the Almighty, One in the Holy Trinity, has blessed us to gather today, after long hours of work and many preparations, at this beautiful island of sunny Greece – […]

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From Baptist to Byzantium

September 2, 2015 Featured News
Joslyn and Adam

Joslyn ‘Josie’ Ramey- September 2015 Orthodox Christian Resource Center- Dept. of Church Research & Studies Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE My conversion story to Holy Orthodoxy is not, in fact, not so much a story, but rather a pilgrimage of Grace. It has been a long road and, the more I travel, the more I realize what […]

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Yet Another Lutheran Pastor Journeys Into The Orthodox Church

April 26, 2014 Featured News

April 2014 I recall being deeply moved by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus’ recounting of his journey from Lutheranism into the Roman Catholic Church (“How I Became the Catholic I Was”). It is a move that not a few have made, with denominational provenance spanning most every Protestant confession. Though I journeyed in a different direction […]

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