Holy Mount


August 24, 2017 Featured

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem – 24/7/17 On Saturday, 6th/19th August 2017, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord was celebrated at the Patriarchate. During this Feast, the Church commemorates the event that a little while before His Passion on the Cross, the Lord went up on Mount Tabor with the distinguished disciples, Peter, James […]

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Belarusian Orthodox Christian Journalists to Present a New Pro-Life Movie

November 23, 2015 Featured News

Nadezhda Filipchik – Reported for OCP News Service -23/11/15 Belarus: Belarusian journalists finished the work on a new pro-life movie called “Athos – pro-life! The legacy of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos”. The first copy of a movie created by Artem Mahakeev and Matvey Rodov was given as a present to a First Lady of […]

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The ceremony on the Holy Mount of Grabarka

August 31, 2014 Featured News

The Polish Orthodox Church – Paweł Karczewski Translation by Kamila Siemieńczuk – August 2014 The ceremony on the Holy Mount of Grabarka has ended. Services in the monastery lasted all night. Thousands of the faithful worshiped the relics of the Venerable Cross and St. Mary Magdalene. Celebrations were crowned by Liturgy celebrated at the altar […]

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March 7, 2014 Featured News

Monastic Republic of Mout Athos – 7/3/14 The Romfea.gr Greek portal, referring to its own reliable sources, writes that the Holy Kinot of Holy Mount Athos has received an extensive message from His Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople recently, reports AgionOros.ru. This document expresses his concern in connection with the attempts to over-build Mt. Athos and “change its look” through the […]

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Elder Paisios the Athonite to be canonized soon

December 19, 2013 Featured News

December 2013 Paisios the Athonite and other elders from Holy Mount Athos will be canonized soon, reports the AgionOros.ru (“Holy Mountain”) website with reference to the authoritative Greek portal Hellas-Orthodoxy. Several months ago the same portal, with the reference to sources from Holy Mount Athos, was the first to publish the information on the impending […]

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Serbia: Conference on Holy Mount Athos held in Belgrade

June 27, 2013 News

26/6/13 (ANSAmed) – BELGRADE, 26 JUNE – Participants of a three-day international conference dedicated to an Orthodox spiritual center, the Holy Mount Athos, Greece, adopted a declaration pointing to the necessity of preserving the legal status of the Holy Mount and making the world familiar with its tradition. The conference, which brought together 120 speakers […]

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Mt. Athos Leaders Talk Taxes With Samaras

April 19, 2013 News

Margarita Papantoniou – 18/4/13 The administration of the Holy Mount met Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in the Maximos Mansion on April 17 to go over financial matters and taxes concerning the famed Mt. Athos. According to the statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister Constantine Tsiaras who attended the meeting, the dominant theme was the 100-years celebration […]

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State Historical Museum of Moscow Hosts Mount Athos Photo Exhibit

November 11, 2011 News

Stella Tsolakidou 10/11/2011 The new exhibition hall of the State Historical Museum in Moscow hosts an exhibition of 240 photographs from Mount Athos taken from the archive of the Simonapetra Monastery. In cooperation with the Greek Monastery, the Russian Geographical Society and the Narodnoye Predpriyatie Foundation have organized this exhibition presenting to the Russian public […]

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Precious Orthodox relic from Mount Athos to come to Russia in Autumn

July 27, 2011 News

Kaliningrad, July 25, Interfax – One of the most precious Orthodox treasures, the Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God, will be brought to Russia for the first time ever, President of the Dialogue of Civilizations forum and the Center of National Glory foundation, head of the Russian Railways company Vladimir Yakunin has said. […]

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World public forum ‘Dialogue of Civilizations’ holds international conference on ‘Mount Athos’s Contribution to Europe’s Religious and Intellectual Tradition’ in Salzburg

July 15, 2011 News

13.07.2011 A conference on ‘The Contribution of Mount Athos to Europe’s Religious and Intellectual Tradition’ was held on July 8-9, 2011, in Salzburg, Austria. It was organized by the Dialogue of Civilizations world public forum. Among the participants were Mr. Walter Schwimmer, former general secretary of the Council of Europe, Princess Katarina of Serbia, Great […]

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Should Women be Allowed on Holy Mount Athos?

July 13, 2011 Featured News
Theotokos "Abbess of Mt. Athos" Icon

Sasa Milosevic 7/12/11 Tradition holds Mount Athos, a spiritual oasis on the Grecian peninsula of Halkidiki, was a gift of God to the Virgin Mary. Her picture is present throughout the Holy Mount, but she is the only woman the 1,700 Athonian monks living in 20 monasteries will see on the land. For more than […]

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Rev. Protosingelos Petroniu Tănase Passed Away

February 24, 2011 News

Romanian Church On 22 February 2011, the community of Prodromu Romanian Skete of Mount Athos lost one of their symbolic personalities. Rev. protosingelos Petroniu Tănase, the former abbot of the monastic settlement passed away at about 16.00 hours, Romanian hour – informs Trinitas Radio station. The funeral service will take place Thursday, 24 February 2011, […]

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Copy of St. George’s Miraculous Icon Arrives to Georgia

March 29, 2009 News

Copy of St. George’s miraculous icon is rested at Holy Trinity Cathedral. The icon has been brought from Holy Mount Athos upon blessing by Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia.The delegation included Metropolitan Daniel of Tskhum-Abkhazeti, and Chairman of the Government of Abkhazia Malkhaz Akishbaya.Copy of St. George’s miraculous icon was written specially for Georgia upon […]

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