Holy Communion

Papal Primacy and the Innovations of the Roman Catholic Church – New Book

January 15, 2019 Featured

Eastern Light Publishing – Amazon – 15/1/19 Paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/194994011X Kindle This book was originally published in 1896 and was translated into English in 1948.  Re-released in January 2019.  This work by Apostolos Makrakis is a look at the replay of Constantinople to the Encyclical issued by Pope Leo XIII in the year 1994 concerning the […]

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‘The Orthodox position on inter-communion in the ecumenical context’ – Fr. T. George, Ireland

April 29, 2018 Featured

Marthoman TV – 29/4/18 Inter-communion is a pertinent question often asked by many a people. This author too was fumbling for an answer once whena rector atthe Church of Ireland, asked this author why we, the Orthodox, keep ourselves away from the Communion with the non-orthodox. He says that the Holy Communion is the best medicine […]

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September 24, 2017 Featured
Photo: Facebook

Orthochristian.com – 24/9/17 An icon of the Mother of God began streaming myrrh on the eve of the feast of the Universal Exaltation of The Precious and Life-Giving Cross of Our Lord (September 13 on the new calendar) at St. George Orthodox Church (OCA) in Buffalo, NY, according to the parish’s Facebook page. The message, posted yesterday […]

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September 4, 2017 Featured

Patriarchate of Jerusalem – September 2017 On Wednesday 17th/30th August 2017, a Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the Church of Jacob’s Well in the City of Nablus. The Liturgy was led by the Most Reverend Archbishop Theophanes of Gerassa, with co-celebrants Hagiotaphite Hieromonks, along with two Priests from local Churches of Nablus and Zababdeh, and […]

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August 17, 2017 Featured
“Arise, O God, judge the earth…” chanted on Holy Saturday to the delight of the faithful.

Mayan Orthodox Church – June – July – August 2017 What is the happiness that God calls us to?  Can we find paradise on earth?  Serving now as I do in the fertile mission field of Guatemala, I often experience privileged moments of spiritual joy in the humblest of settings.  My first such mission epiphany […]

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April 12, 2017 Featured

Pravoslavie.ru – 12/4/17 On Lazarus Saturday, April 8, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, celebrated the rite of apostates returning to the holy Orthodox Church. On this day, sixty-three people renounced paganism, sectarian errors, and false schismatic beliefs, in Moscow’s Church of the “Joy of All […]

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Fasting, Prayer & Repentance: Keys to Approach the Holy God – Abune Mathias

March 12, 2017 Featured

Eotcmk.org – Kassa Nigus – March 2017 His Holiness Patriarch Abune Mathias has made an address regarding the Fast of Great Lent, locally known as Abiy Tsom/Hudade, which will begin on Monday Yekatit 13, 2009 E.C.( February 20, 2017). Abune Mathias addressing extensively about the worth of fasting, prayer and repentance quoting on (Ps.34:5, Math, 17:14 […]

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Confessors invested in Bucharest – Patriarch Daniel: ‘Confession is spiritual medicine’

March 6, 2017 News

Aurelian Iftimiu – Basilica News Agency – March 2017 Fifteen priests from the Archdiocese of Bucharest received Wednesday the blessing for the ministry of spiritual fathers at the St George Chapel of the Patriarchal Residence. His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, performed March 1 the ordination (cheirothesia) of the new spiritual fathers. In his speech delivered […]

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Pan-Oriental Orthodox Fellowship of St. Jacob Baradaeus and the Return to Orthodoxy

February 1, 2017 Featured

St. Jacob Baradaeus Pan-Oriental Orthodox Fellowship – OCP News Service – 1/2/2017 Visit – http://returntoorthodoxy.com/ FB PAGE – https://www.facebook.com/returntoorthodoxy It is the unfortunate truth that in the modern day the Oriental Orthodox Churches have proven permeable (to one degree or another, depending upon the jurisdiction) to the influence of heterodox pop culture of the Evangelical and Charismatic […]

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‘Orthodox Psychotherapy and Western Psychology’ – Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and St Vlassios

October 17, 2016 Featured News

Holy Metropolis of Nafpaktos and Saint Vlassios – 17/10/16 In the Metropolis of the Patriarchate of Antioch – America, 2016, Second PaperOrthodox Psychotherapy and Western Psychology by His Eminence Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and St Vlassios. (Lectures given by Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, Hierotheos (Vlachos) at the July 18–22 Archdiocesan Clergy Symposium, convened by Metropolitan Joseph […]

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Consecration of Bishop Kiril of Dioclea

August 3, 2016 Featured News

Church of Serbia – August 2016 Also Read: Proclamation of Bishop Electus Kiril of Dioclea Bishop Electus of Dioclea Kiril (Bojovic) was consecrated at the Cathedral church of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica on 31 July 2016 during the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy which was served by His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch. (PHOTO GALLERY) With the […]

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A New Russian-Language Book on the Teachings of St John (Maximovich) is Out

July 7, 2016 Featured News

The Official Website of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia – July 2016 The Cathedral of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow” hosts 50 th -annivesary celebrations of the repose of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco the Miracle-worker with divine services headed by the […]

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June 22, 2016 Featured News

DECR Communication Service – 22/6/16 The Khmer version of the Divine Liturgy has come out in Cambodia. In addition to the text of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the book also contains the prayers before and after Holy Communion. The translation was made with the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church representative in Thailand, Archimandrite […]

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His Holiness Aram I visits the Staff and Residents of the Azounieh Hospital

December 27, 2015 Featured News

24 December 2015. On Thursday morning, Catholicos Aram I, accompanied by the members of the brotherhood, arrived at the Azounieh hospital in Chouf, Lebanon. The director and medical staff welcomed His Holiness and the clergy, and held a private meeting with the Catholicos. After hearing a report on the institution, its activities and future plans, […]

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Fr. Alexander (Frizzell) speaks on the Importance of Orthodox Christian Pilgrimage in the United States of America

October 3, 2015 Featured News

    September- October 2015 Deputy  Abbot Fr. Alexander (Frizzell) answers questions about  why (should people come), what (happens at a Pilgrimage), how (preparations are made) and more a few days before the annual Pilgrimage Weekend at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, West Virginia. 1. Why should an Orthodox Christian in modern America […]

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The Patriarch of Romania at the National Assembly Christ conveyed to children

September 25, 2015 Featured News

September 2015 The works of the National Assembly Christ conveyed to children continued on Wednesday, 23 September 2015, at the Holy Cross – Caraiman Monastery in Bușteni, Prahova County. The participants at this event had the joy of having among them the Head of the Romanian Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, who delivered a […]

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Dying Like a Disciple – Fr. Lawrence Farley

August 17, 2015 Featured News

August 2015 Every year on August 15, the Church bids us come to the final bedside of the Theotokos and learn how to die.  It is an important lesson, and all the more important because the secular world offers us no clue.  Indeed, the world seems intent on denying the reality of death.  In earlier […]

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Growing in Truth: Lessons Learned and Given in Alaska

August 8, 2015 Featured News
OCMC News - Growing in Truth: Lessons Learned and Given in Alaska

OCMC- August 2015 During Vespers in the village parish at Kasigluk, a young girl named Heather came into church, looking for our mission team. She ran up to me and began to hang off the pockets of my cassock. Now, in Holy Trinity, as with many parishes in Alaska, the faithful are separated with men […]

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On Kissing the Priest’s Hand

June 14, 2015 Featured News

BY FR. ANDREAS – June 2015 A few of our new inquirers have asked about the practice of kissing the priest’s hand. For people outside of the Orthodox Tradition (and even for some of the Faithful), this is one of those foreign, counter-cultural and awkward practices that can be difficult to grasp. The following article may […]

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Participation in the entire Divine Liturgy

June 9, 2015 Featured News

OCA- 2015 Question Recently I read something about the Divine Liturgy that struck me as rather odd.  The author said something to the effect that the Divine Liturgy is “long” so as to allow the faithful to “come and go” as convenient, to light candles and say their prayers, and to depart at will.  Any […]

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The Last Divine Liturgy in St. Sophia – Constantinople

May 29, 2015 Featured News

May 2015 – http://www.londinoupolis.blogspot.co.uk/ Many, even Orthodox, even Greeks, believe that the last Divine Liturgy in St. Sophia, in Constantinople, was celebrated on the 29 May 1453. However, the last Liturgy took place in 1919. The priest who celebrated the Divine Liturgy was Fr. Lefteris Noufarakis, who was from Alones Rethymnou, Crete. He was an army […]

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