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Attack on Christian Church in Sinai Kills One – Reports

April 19, 2017 Featured

Sputniknews – 19/4/17 One of the oldest Christian monasteries in Egypt was the subject of a violent attack on security forces. One soldier has been confirmed dead while at least four have been wounded, local media outlets report. The St. Catherine Cathedral in Sinai was established in 565 A.D. as a Greek Orthodox church and is one of the […]

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February 13, 2017 Featured
theunnecessarypastor-zoom_large (1)

OCP News Service – Book Review – 13/2/17 Buy from Amazon here: In Marva Dawn and Eugene Peterson’s book The Unnecessary Pastor, we are given an insight into the plight of contemporary pastoral leadership. Originally, the title of this book was taken from a Regent College church leaders’ conference which was led by the authors. […]

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January 30, 2017 News
Photo: – 30/1/17 In a new statement, Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavyrta of the Church in Greece fervently implores his fellow countrymen and Churchmen to return to their Orthodox faith, the glory of the Greek culture. The hierarch cites several problematic issues in Greece today, including the influx of refugee-invaders, and the government’s abandonment of Orthodoxy […]

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The Nativity of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Monastery is in Crisis!

September 3, 2016 Featured News

Gofundme – September 2016 Kindly Donate – GoFundMe page. The Nativity of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Monastery is in Crisis! The first Greek Orthodox women’s monastery in America is in desperate need of your help! The health and well-being of 15 nuns is jeopardized by the sick building they are living in.  After 23 years, faulty […]

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July 5, 2016 Featured News

John Gfoeller (Facebook) – 5/7/16 I saw a man standing on the side of a bridge, about to jump. So I shouted at him, “Wait, don’t do it!” So he turned to me, with a tear in his eye, and I noticed a cross on him. I got excited, and asked, “Are you a Christian?” “Yes,” […]

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May 31, 2016 Featured News

Orthodox Christian Network – May 2016 The community of Ss. Peter and Paul Serbian Orthodox Church in Oakville, Ontario has been shaken by the alarming news that all ten acres of their parish church is going to be taken away by the Halton District School Board for the purpose of building a high school. The community […]

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Papa Stratis the ‘Savior’ of Refugees in Lesvos Passes Away

September 4, 2015 Featured News

Ioanna Zikakou – Greek Reporter – 3/9/15 Greek Orthodox priest Papa Stratis was only 57 years old but the work that he left behind changed the lives of many people and will be remembered forever. The Greek priest, also known by the name Efstratios Dimou carried the Cross of thousands of people, helping migrants and refugees […]

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May 22, 2015 Featured News

May 2015 This year’s Holy Easter Period saw the completion of the Byzantine decoration of the Iconostasis of the Church of the Nativity of Theotokos in the Greek Orthodox, Arab-speaking Community of Kafr Yasif, Northern Israel. The decoration was carried out by Mr Nezar Kseiboun, hailing from Kana, Galilee, at the expenses of the Patriarchate […]

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May 11, 2015 Featured News – Philip Chrysopoulos The shortage of space in graveyards along with burial costs bring back the controversial issue of cremation in Greece. At the moment, graveyards in Greece’s capital and second largest city, Thessaloniki, are overcrowded to the point where a burial is essentially leasing a grave plot for three years. After three years, relatives can […]

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The Ecumenical Patriarchate Today

May 9, 2015 Featured News

Purchase this book on Fordham University Press website » April – May 2015 Archons sponsor two new books on the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The Order of Saint Andrew is pleased to have helped sponsor the printing of two new books: Dialogue of Love, Breaking the Silence of Centuries and The Ecumenical Patriarchate Today: Sacred Greek Orthodox […]

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Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos elected as the President of the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

May 5, 2015 Featured News

May 2015 Following a rigorous search process that began in October 2014, the Board of Trustees of Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (HCHC) on, May 1, 2015, voted unanimously to elect the V. Rev. Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos as the next president of the institution, in succession of the current […]

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Icon of Christ Miraculously survives church fire in Knoxville

April 16, 2015 Featured News

15/4/15 Troy Stavros writes in FB: USA:  “The St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Knoxville was engulfed in flames early Sunday morning. Today as I was helping cleanup in the aftermath I took this picture. You can see that the heat was so hot that it melted the glass covering this icon, but left the icon […]

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Holy Fire Screening in Bethlehem – live streaming of all Holy Week Services in Arabic

April 6, 2015 Featured News

Dan Koski- 6/4/15 Greetings from the Holy Land; I am happy to provide you with two pieces of information for Holy Week: 1) Holy Fire Live Screening in Bethlehem, Beit Jala on Holy Saturday 2015. and the following direct text: 2) Live Holy Week Services in Arabic from the Greek Orthodox parish of Beit […]

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Christian Priest Abducted by U.S. Sponsored ‘Rebels’ in Syria

April 5, 2015 Featured News
Father Ibrahim Farah

Raymond Ibrahim – 5/4/15 Since the Syrian city of Idlib fell to U.S.-supported, anti-Assad jihadis on March 28, Christian inhabitants have been attacked.  Among other things, the jihadis kidnapped 57-year-old Greek Orthodox priest Ibrahim Farah, head of the Greek-Orthodox parish dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Father Ibrahim Farah, a Greek Orthodox priest who chose to remain […]

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Orthodox Priest Kidnapped in the Syrian city of Idlib

April 4, 2015 Featured News
Report: priest kidnapped after Syrian city falls to rebels – 4/4/15 Report: priest kidnapped after Syrian city falls to rebels. The al-Nusra Front, a Syrian rebel group that is a branch of al-Qaeda, has seized control of Idlib, a city of 165,000 in northwestern Syria. The Fides news agency reported that Father Ibrahim Farah, a Greek Orthodox priest who chose to remain in the […]

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In Selma, A day of honor and tribute to the legacy of struggle and sacrifice, equality and freedom

March 10, 2015 Featured News

10/3/15 SELMA, Ala. – Thousands of people attended the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 National Voting Rights Act and “Bloody Sunday,” that concluded today, March 8, 2015, with a long service at the historic Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church and a final march through the town of Selma and across the […]

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Funds being collected to help deceased priest’s wife, six children

March 3, 2015 Featured News

NORWICH, CT [OCA] Donations to assist the family of Priest Matthew Baker, who died as a result of an automobile accident on the evening of Orthodox Sunday—March 1, 2015—may be made at Donations also may be sent directly to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 247 Washington Street, Norwich, CT 06360, the parish to which […]

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Peculiar Liquid Seeping from Crucified Christ Icon in Corinth – Greece

February 22, 2015 Featured News

Ioanna Zikakou – 22/2/15 – Greek Reporter  A peculiar incident has drawn attention to the small village of Aspokambos in Corinth Greece, over the last few days. According to Metropolitan Dionysios of Corinth, after the national election of January 25, an oily, sticky, odorless liquid started seeping from an icon depicting Jesus Christ crucified, however, details […]

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Mount Athos Now Has its Own Smartphone Application

February 16, 2015 Featured News

Philip Chrysopoulos  – Greek Reporter – 16/2/15 Mount Athos now has its own smartphone application. The user can download the free application that will remind them of religious holidays, days of fasting, Greek Orthodox feasts, while also provides all the information about monasteries. The application includes the old calendar, which is used at Mount Athos, and the new calendar […]

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S. Africa: Children Welcome Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria

January 25, 2015 Featured News

Ioanna Zikakou – 25/1/15 Over 200 students from Jabavu East Primary School in Johannesburg, South Africa, waved Greek and South African flags, and sang the national anthems of Greece and their country, welcoming Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria and All Africa. Jabavu East Primary School has established a Greek language learning program for the last 20 […]

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President Zuma of South Africa decorated with the Order of St.Mark

January 22, 2015 Featured News

Ioanna Zikakou – Greek Reporter- 22/1/15 Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria Meets With South African President. The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa intends to implement a program to help the fight against AIDS in South Africa, according to Patriarch Theodoros’ statement during his meeting with the country’s president, Jacob Zuma. The two […]

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