Good Friday

Orthodox worshippers flock to Famagusta

April 23, 2014 Featured News

23/4/14 Thousands of Greek Cypriots, most refugees, flocked to the Ayios Giorgos Exorinos church in Famagusta where they attended a Good Friday service at their historical place of worship for the first time in decades. The service, the first since 1957 at the church in the medieval town, should send a message of hope and […]

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In Damascus, Christians briefly ignore war for Easter

April 20, 2014 Featured News

April 2014 DAMASCUS – The sound of battles echoes from the outskirts of the capital as Christians in Damascus celebrated the Easter weekend, briefly ignoring the conflict for the yearly ritual. At the gates of Saint George Syrian Orthodox Church – just a few minutes walk from a school where a mortar attack killed several […]

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The Homily of Patriarch John X on the Good Friday at the Church of the Holy Cross in Damascus

April 19, 2014 Featured News

19/4/14 “Mourn not for me, O mother, in the day of my passions. For this day I have came down from heaven like manna Not upon mount Sinai, but in thy womb,  As King David prophesied. For I am the “Overshadowed Mountain”, The Word Who wast made flesh from thee. In this flesh I must suffer, through it I shall save. So, […]

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Orthodox Bulgarians Mark Solemnly Crucifixion Friday

April 14, 2012 News

13/4/2012 Bulgarian Christians mark Good Friday, the day that commemorates the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion. Good Friday, also called Holy Friday, Black Friday, Great Friday, is a holiday observed primarily by adherents to Christianity commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. The holiday is observed during Holy Week as […]

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Jerusalem Readies itself for Easter

March 28, 2012 Featured News
Good Friday procession in Jerusalem; photo courtesy Travelujah

28/3/2012 Visit Travelujah website for all Holy land tour solutions Christians visiting the Holy Land in the spring sometimes fail to appreciate the link between Passover and Easter: Jesus came to Jerusalem in April circa 34, making his triumphal entry on the Sunday of the last fateful week of his life, in order to offer […]

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Easter cancelled in Syria

April 23, 2011 Featured News

By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent 21/4/2011 Good Friday and other Easter processions and festivals have been cancelled across Syria as street unrest boils over into violence. The country’s Christian population has been forced to abandon its usually colourful and exuberant commemorations because of the number of “martyrs” who have died and the “bad situation”, […]

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Good Friday Ceremony in Egypt – Exclusive Snaps

April 23, 2011 News
St.John the Beloved Coptic Orthodox Church-Nag Hammadi

23/4/2011 OCP Exclusive Snaps of the Good Friday ceremony held Nag Hammadi City in Qena, Egypt on Friday.22 April 2011 (Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria) Special Courtesy: Antonioz Ramzi (OCP Advisory Board Member and representative of the Coptic Church of Alexandria) OCP News Service

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Orthodox Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday Ceremonies 2011- Snaps Worldwide

April 23, 2011 Featured News

23/4/2011 Special Courtesy: Daniel Malyon Source1: Source2: Source3: Source4: Source5: Source6: Source7: Source8: Source9: Source10: Source11: Source12:

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